Hi everyone!

Welcome to Tartan Bones!  I am Kirsty and I write everything on the site and take all photos unless otherwise stated.  Any stock photos I use on this site, I have paid for.

I spend my days as a scientist, working in a blood lab and putting my science degree to use.  At night I spend my free time either reading, sewing, going to the gym or chilling with my favourite people.  I live quite a busy life but I am a homebody, home is where I am happiest.

I started this blog many years ago and had a few name changes since then because I felt like they weren’t very ‘me’.  I also blogged very sporadically because I tried to fit myself into a beauty blog but that wasn’t very me either… I love beauty but I also love a lot of other things (and I stick to the same products now so I’d be reviewing the same things over and over).  Now I feel like I have found my feet and my place in the blogger world.

I am a cruelty free blogger, a long standing veggie who is transitioning into vegan.  I never buy products that have been tested on animals and hope that one day animal testing will be a thing of the past.  However, some of my older posts may contain products that are not cruelty free.

I hope you enjoy my mix of posts and if you have any questions feel free to comment / email / catch me on Twitter.

All products and treatments featured on this website are bought by myself unless the post is marked with a '*', to indicate that they are PR samples.  All products / treatments will be reviewed honestly and sincerely. 

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