Saturday, 7 July 2018

Cineworld VIP Expierience Review

I’ve been meaning to do this review for ages but it’s finally here! I get asked a lot of questions about this in my ‘real life’ so I thought I’d do a post for everyone!

Cineworld VIP is basically a cinema ticket plus unlimited food and drink thrown in!   As I have a Cineworld unlimited card it costs me about £20 per VIP experience and I believe it is £29 for non-card holders.  I think this is a pretty reasonable price because it’s about the same price as going for a meal beforehand then getting drinks and snacks in the cinema.  I don’t think I’d pay any more than this though, especially as they don't do a big range of vegan foods.

The VIP in Glasgow Renfrew Street has a whole floor to itself and its pretty impressive!   There is a whole dining section with a buffet area and some tables and chairs.  The buffet area offers quite a wide selection of foods if you are a meat eater / have no dairy allergies etc but I phone ahead and make sure the cinema know I am vegan so I have something available for me.  Some might think I’m being a fussy vegan but if I turned up and they had nothing for me to eat id have spent twenty quid on some juice!   I have been in around 5 or 6 times now and I have been given mostly tomato pasta and a chocolate lemon tart type thing for dessert.  The last time I went it was very quiet (only 4 other people in the screening) so the selection was very poor so they made me a veg curry but I didn't think I got enough on offer for the amount of money I paid, it has been the only time I was disappointed in my VIP experience.  The meals have always been really nice and it’s good to be able to have a meal and a film in the same place, plus get all my snacks for watching the film.

Things I have seen in the buffet are: hotdogs, pizza, pasta, nan bread, soup, cakes, popcorn, frozen yoghurt etc.  There is a hot drinks machine and a cold drinks machine too but the size of the cups are much smaller than the normal cups (what’s that about?) so I take 2 into the film at a time.  And they have recently switched from coca-cola to pepsi, ewww.

One thing I would say though, they don’t do much for people like me (vegan) or people with certain allergies like dairy.   I would like to see them offer a better veggie and vegan selection so we can all get our moneys worth!  If the price increased I wouldn’t pay it because it wouldn’t be worth it for me. Come on, even Ikea do veggie hot dogs so surely Cineworld can too?!  

Inside the cinema screen itself it is like cinema heaven!  They have big lazy boy recliner seats so you can get really comfy during the film!  As the chairs are bigger the screens aren’t as full as regular showings.   The seats even have a fold out tray to put all of your snacks on, winner for me! Would love a couple of these for my house!

All in all I do like the VIP showings but they definitely could improve on the food selection - after all, that is half of the attraction.  If you haven’t tried it yet then give it a try!  It’s too expensive to do all the time but it’s nice for a wee treat :)


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