Friday, 18 May 2018

200 SVS Spa review

 For our anniversary Kas and I wanted to have a spa day and chill out for a bit so we found a Groupon deal for 200 SVS and booked in. We booked for the day after we returned from Rome because we knew that we would be nackered after walking around the city for 4 days.

200 SVS is situated in Glasgow City Centre so it’s really easy to find and it’s a convenient location, especially for people who don’t drive. We arrived a few minutes before our treatment time so that we could fill out our health assessment forms – just basically if we have any medical conditions 200 SVS need to know about. I let them know I was asthmatic in case I needed my inhaler during the treatment.

We both opted for an hour long massage instead of two shorter treatments and I am so glad I did! It was the first time I had ever had a hot stone massage and I was not disappointed because it was one of the best treatments I have ever had.   Hot stone massage is a specialized massage where the therapist uses normal massage techniques paired with heated stones.  The stones can be placed on the body or used as an extension of the therapists own hands.  It helps for relaxation and can help treat muscular pain, poor circulation and back pain.  Hot stone massage feels like heaven!  It was quite a strange sensation at first, when the heat is applied it felt a little weird but I soon got used to it and it felt so relaxing.  I wish I could have had a little nap afterwards!  It was honestly one of the best massages ever, I definitely want to try more hot stone treatments!  One thing I wasn’t keen on is that we were taken into separate rooms for our treatments but we bought a ‘couples massage’… most places I know do couples in the same room.  It wasn’t a drama but it would have been nice to be together. 

After your treatment you get the option either to get dressed or hop into a cosy robe but we decided to get dressed and head home.   The spa area is such a let-down!  It is basically a big room with tables, some lounge chairs, some water dispensers and a nail bar.  I honestly don’t know why they sell the place as a spa because it just seems like a normal beauticians with comfier lounge seats.  The nail bar was in use when we were there and it’s not very relaxing!  Of course people want to chat during nail appointments (I certainly do) but that’s hardly a ‘spa’ sort of atmosphere.  If they had better facilities I would have spent some time chilling in a robe but I could relax better in my dressing gown at home. Due to the lack of spa facilities I wouldn’t go back again, which is a shame because the treatment was excellent but I’d rather go somewhere with a better quality spa area.


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