Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Where To Eat and Drink in Milan


I saw so many lovely restaurants while I was in Milan but sadly I only tried a few of them – I mean, how many meals can 1 girl actually squeeze into a long weekend? 

My hotel provided breakfast (which was lovely) so I only needed to find lunch and dinner while I was out and about.  Every restaurant I tried was great, the Italians sure know how to cook!  What I loved about Milan was the great selection of vegetarian and vegan meals, it’s so nice not having to hunt down somewhere that will cater for you.  I even seen loads of places providing selections of vegan ice-cream!  What more could you ask for in a city?

Duomo 21 Terrace
We visited this place for cocktails one night and I honestly didn’t want to leave!  This rooftop bar looks onto the Duomo and the view is stunning!  It is 15 a cocktail but you’re paying for the drink and the view, in my opinion it was worth it.  The terrace isn’t actually that cold, even in winter so it was nice and comfortable sitting there looking out onto a foggy Duomo Square.  I wasn’t sure about the cocktail list at first because I didn’t know a lot of them but I tried 2 and they were both easily some of the nicest cocktails I have ever tasted.  Beware though, they are pretty strong but they don’t taste it!  I was half cut after 2 of these bad boys so limit yourself if you don’t want to end up too drunk…

Bar Duomo
Ahh, this is certainly a meal with a view!  This place looks straight onto the Duomo so it really is a meal with a view!  We sat outside so we could fully soak up the experience.  The pasta dishes here are nice and cost a little more than a normal lunch which I expected and I was prepared to pay.  However, if you eat here beware of the drinks prices!  We got 2 pints of coke and paid 10 each for them.  Yes, 20 on drinks without alcohol.  The drinks prices weren’t clearly stated on the menu so we didn’t realise.  The food was lovely, we got 2 basic pasta dishes (as usual) and they were delicious.  I would go back to this place solely for the view and the relaxed vibe but I wouldn’t get any soft drinks next time….

Bar Virgilio
We found this restaurant by accident on our first night and I am so glad we did.  It is situated near Cadorna train station and does really nice food.  My friend and I shared a bruschetta starter and had a pasta main each.  The restaurant is pretty small but charming, the waiting staff were lovely and the selection of food was good – even for veggies / vegans.  We got some cocktails here too and they were spot on!  Milan seems to keep their cocktails strong and these were no exception!

Mozzarella Basilico
This restaurant is located in the city centre, near the Duomo and it was a bit of a random find.  We were hungry and looking for somewhere to eat when we found this place.  This was my least favourite of all the restaurants in Milan to be honest.  I found the seating area cramped, the waiting staff were borderline rude and the meals were a hit or a miss.  I only ordered spaghetti here so my meal was fine but my friend ordered le trenette and she couldn’t even finish it, that’s how bad it was.  They didn’t offer anything else in place of it and due to the lack of staff manners we decided to just pay up and leave.

Il Salotto
I loved this little place!  Its situated in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping mall so it’s nice and handy to get to if you are out sightseeing for the day.  I’d recommend sitting terraced area so you get the best view of the shopping centre.  The staff in here were wonderful, so attentive and happy to help.  The building is obviously set in a beautiful location so it was delightful having dinner there, looking out into the shopping area.  We went for a starter and a main here, and we left stuffed!  The food was beautiful and happened to have the cheapest prices out of all the restaurants in the shopping centre.  For any of my disabled readers or people with mobility issues, I did notice that the bathrooms were on the 3rd floor however they may have disabled toilets on the bottom floor, I really don’t know.  I would highly recommend visiting this place if you are in the area.

Motta Cocktail Bar
Another bar / restaurant situated in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping centre we visited for cocktails.  We didn’t eat here but I did notice that they do food.  We were seated in the terrace area, which is great for a view  onto the surrounding areas in the shopping centre – a great spot if you like to people watch!  We both had cosmos which were a bit bitter but drinkable.  This place is a nice relaxing setting for a few drinks or a quick break from the hussle and bustle of the city.

We tried a variety of places for only being in Milan for 1 weekend but when I go back I will definitely try more!  This city is bursting with bars and restaurants so it would be rude not to!  Have you got any recommendations for Milan?

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