Monday, 16 April 2018

Tips for a short break in Milan

After my recent trip to Milan I wanted to share some tips for having a hassle free break:

  • Book attraction tickets early (this is a no brainer really.) I booked mines at the Tourist Information Centres. This meant that I could skip the line at attractions, rather than waiting in a queue at the attraction themselves.
  • If you want to see The Last Supper you must get up early and book tickets that day. Every day that I tried to see it, it was only expensive tour slots that were left. You can get them from the Tourist Information Centres.
  • If you want to see all of the Duomo, bear in mind that certain parts are shut off to the public on Sundays for worship.
  • There are plenty of lovely places to eat in Milan but be sure to read the menu carefully. I went to one restaurant outside the Duomo that had really cheap pasta but they didn’t put the drinks prices on the menu…. I paid 10 for a pint of coke. Ouch.
  • If you are going on the ‘hop on hop off’ city tour buses then hop on early as it takes quite a bit of time to do 1 of the routes, and there is 3 in total. The buses also stop early, I think the last run is at 4pm or 4:30pm. I think this is pretty rubbish because tourists are out the whole day and want to see the city in the evening too.
  • Take a jacket with you for night time, the city can get pretty foggy and cold in Milan.
  • Milan has a reputation for pickpockets so be aware of your surroundings and keep valuables in a safe place.
  • If you have time for a day trip, Lake Como and Lake Garda are both about an hour away from Milan.
  • There aren’t many public toilets around, even in places like the Duomo museums, so use them when you find them. (There are portaloo sorta things between the Duomo and the museum but I found it strange that there were none in the museum).
  • A service charge is added to bills in Milan so tipping is optional.
If you are headed to Milan then I hope you have a great trip, it is beautiful!

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