Thursday, 1 March 2018

Cancer Research and Obesity - Honest or offensive?

My Twitter has been buzzing for the past day over the posts from charity Cancer Research regarding obesity and its link to cancer.  I have honestly been surprised at the amount of attention these posts are getting, with some people being very much against them and other people being all for them.

I have screen-shotted (how professional of me) some of the aforementioned posts for you to see, in case you haven't had a chance to have a look yet.

Some people have claimed these posts are fat shaming.  I have seen bloggers / twitter users been hit with a storm of abuse after saying this and quite honestly, I find it disgusting.  I see people saying things like 'fat cunt' and posting pictures of Jabba the Hutt in response to the fat shaming claims and I just do not know what they are setting out to achieve.  To anger people?  Make them feel like shit?  Either way, I think it is completely unnessesary. 

However I cannot understand the backlash against these posts.  Isn't this what a cancer charity should do?  Spread knowledge on cancer?  Surely people have a right to know the causes of cancer?  I don't see why a cancer charity should keep quiet about the second biggest cause of cancer.  I understand that some people may feel singled out or embarrassed but I think public health and awareness is more important.

As someone who studied biomedical science and spent 4 years learning about the body, how it could go wrong and how it could be treated, I feel like I see it from more of a scientific standpoint rather than a personal standpoint.  Obesity and a bad diet came up time and time again during the 4 years and was linked to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  These are scientific facts and I just don't see how anyone can be upset at this?  We slap warnings on other substances we put into our bodies such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs because they can have negative affects so how is food / lifestyle any different?  I understand some people who are overweight or obese can have other health issues and cannot change their weight but for those of us who have control over our bodies and diet, surely we deserve to know what can happen if we chose to eat certain foods or live a certain lifestyle?  Weight comes down to more than diet and lifestyle, I know that, but you cannot deny that it is a huge part of it.

I am by no means the Queen of the healthy lifestyle.  I love fizzy juice, crisps, chips and chocolate.  My diet has too much sugar and it is something that I am trying to cut down because I know it causes health problems.  Health campaigns can be boring and tedious but they are there for a reason - to educate the public and help them make better choices.  I will never see that as a bad thing.

I will never condone any sort of bullying or attacking a persons appearance, it is completely out of order.  However getting rid of an important campaign to educate people on causes of cancer is not the answer because it hurts some peoples feelings.

What do you think of the Cancer Research posts?

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