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Avoid Jet2 City Breaks! Jet2 review.

Sorry guys, this one is a rant I'm afraid!  But Jet2 are not helping me sort this at all so I wanted to make a post as to why I am disappointed and pretty disgusted at the company as a whole.

I love city breaks, I go at least once a year.  This year I went with EasyJet to Milan and was scheduled to go to Rome with Jet2.

However, the 'Beast from the East' storm hit and Rome didn’t happen.  Now let me be very clear on this, I know that nobody can control the weather - but Jet 2 CAN control how they deal with the disruption.

Their customer service from start to finish has been appalling and I am going to list why.  

I am doing this with the purpose of informing others on my situation and to warn them against booking with Jet2 in the future.

So, this is the background info - Due to the adverse weather conditions, Glasgow airport was closed on March 1st.  As I understand it, no flights left the airport that day.  I was due to fly out on March 2nd, flight LS135 to Rome at 8am.

Via ongoing conversations on twitter with a Jet2 representative on 1st March, I was told flight was still scheduled to fly.  I was also told that if the holiday was cancelled I would receive an SMS text and / or an email to let me know.

So, we woke up before 4am on 2nd March ready to go (we got up slightly earlier than we usually would incase the snow held us up on the motorway).  I had not received a text or email saying my holiday was cancelled however the Jet2 twitter has posted that it was cancelled.

I contacted Glasgow airport at 4am and they told me that the flight was still going ahead, but it would be delayed until 9am.  We left the house and I checked Glasgow airport website again at 4:30am, but this time it said my flight was cancelled.  I phoned the airport back and the lady confirmed it had just been cancelled on their system.

So, defeated we finally gave up and decided to contact Jet2 later in the day to sort this mess out and rearrange - it went from bad to worse.  I couldn’t get through on the phone so I contacted them via twitter.  A Jet2 representative on twitter at told me flight was still going ahead this afternoon even though it was cancelled... Talk about confusion!

When I finally managed to get through to Jet 2 on the phone (2nd March) the woman told me:
  • It was not Jet2 responsibility to contact me about the cancelled flight - it was Glasgow airport who should have text or emailed
  • She asked me what I wanted Jet2 to do about it (em, fix it?)
  • She said she could not rearrange my holiday at that time, I'd need to wait up to 48 hours to hear from someone else - at this point I requested a manager or supervisor phoned me and she said that was fine
  • When she asked what I wanted to rearrange for, I said 'I booked a long weekend so I'd like it swapped to another long weekend please' - she asked me what a long weekend was.  Lol.

I did indeed wait 48 hours to speak to someone, but she was rude and unhelpful so the saga continued.  She informed me that:
  • A text and email had been sent out to tell me that the flight was cancelled from Jet2 (the opposite of what her colleague told me) (Neither of which have arrived yet)
  • That the only weekend she could rearrange to was 23rd - 26th March... but I said I could not go then (I have a wedding that weekend)
  • She said if I wanted any other weekend she would need to charge me - the cheapest she could find was a weekend in April but I'd need to pay another £250.
  • Side note: I checked the price for the weekend in March that she suggested - it is also more expensive than my original price... so she could waive the fee then but not in April.

When I said I was not paying any more and that I felt Jet2 had to take more responsibility for this fiasco she became very unpleasant.  She refused to put a manager or supervisor on the phone as they were 'too busy to deal with me', and refused to put in a request for someone higher up to phone me back.

When I asked her to stop lying to me (about the texts / emails) she became hostile and said she didn’t want to speak to me any more... but I was told two different pieces of info by 2 Jet2 workers - one of them is lying.

When I asked her to stop speaking over the top of me she said that I should let her finish but all she kept repeating was 'I appreciate you aren’t happy but this is all I can do'.  I said to her I'd like to leave the conversation there as she was very unhelpful, and that I wanted to speak to a manager or supervisor (because I didn’t want to lose my temper with her) and she HUNG UP ON ME.

This is diabolical customer service.

I fully understand Jet2 cannot control the weather but they can control customer service experience and safety of passengers which in this instance was not given a second thought.  We made the effort to travel in to Glasgow airport in the horrific conditions to be told halfway there that the flight was cancelled.  Jet2 didn’t even let Glasgow airport know never mind their customers!  But we had to go to the airport incase the flight was going ahead and the twitter was giving out the wrong information, as then it would have been our fault that we missed the flight, but alas no communication between parties and we made a journey for no reason.

I am absolutely enraged at how awful the customer services team are but ultimately I am most upset at my birthday holiday being cancelled.

In the end, the holiday has been cancelled because I was told I could pay the extra money or claim a refund within 7 days (if I didn't claim the refund I'd lose the money).

I have been rail roaded into cancelling my holiday because they could not extort more money out of me and I find it disgusting.

Avoid Jet2.


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