Monday, 5 February 2018

Best Western Mirage Hotel, Milan Italy Review


I recently spent 4 days in the Best Western Mirage whilst staying in Milan and it was an absolute pleasure!

I stayed there with my best friend as we had booked a girls holiday to celebrate our birthdays.  We weren't disappointed in the slightest and I am really glad we chose that hotel.  We go city breaks once or twice a year and it has been one of my favourite hotels so far.

The hotel is a 4 star hotel and I think it is definitely worth the 4 stars.  The hotel has helpful, knowledgeable staff and it was spotlessly clean during our stay.

The location is slightly outside the centre, about 15 / 20 minutes away from the Duomo but it has tram links closeby.  I don't think the location is too far from attractions, I don't mind getting a tram because if you are in a big city it is impossible to stay right next to everything.  A taxi from the centre of the city to the hotel cost about 10/15 euros.  There are shops and restaurants near the hotel if you dont want to venture too far.

We had a double room on the 5th floor.  The room was spacious and had everything we could ask for; comfy bed, tv (listen to Radio City), kettle, free wi-fi and a big bathroom.  My only complaint is that we were directly under the kitchen / breakfast area and we heard them banging about every morning.  I thought it was a bit unusual that the breakfast facilities were on the 6th floor... So if you want a long lie then make sure you aren't in room 509!  Apart from that we didn't hear a thing from the surrounding rooms.

Breakfast is included with the room but I didn't realise that until we got there.  Breakfast was a great selection every day - toast, jam, eggs, yoghurt, fruit, etc.  I loved the orange juice, I couldn't get enough of it!

We didn't drink at the bar but we had a look around and it seemed nice enough.

All in all, we had a wonderful stay and I would highly recommend Hotel Mirage if you are visiting Milan!

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