Tuesday, 9 January 2018

What I got for Christmas and my birthday

Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! And I look forward to seeing everyone’s posts about what they got! I always love reading and writing these posts, I must be a nosy parker at heart!

I always lump my Christmas and birthday gifts together as 1 post since I was born a couple of days before Christmas.  As always, if you don't like these posts then don't read it.  I love Christmas / birthday gift posts but I do understand that not everyone approves.

Kas whisked me off to Piperdam for a week for my birthday and I absolutely loved it!  We have been before (see review here) and we’ve been wanting to go back for ages.  It's basically your own little lodge with hot tub, so it’s such a great place to go if you just want to relax.  We needed a break after a hard year so it was perfect.  While we were there Kas surprised me with a day off-roading a brand new Range Rover!!!   It is my dream car so I had the best day ever, one of my favourite ever birthday gifts <3 I’m spoilt!

Baby Groot
My beloved!  This was my birthday cake, isn't it the cutest cake you've ever seen?  It tasted delicious but I felt so bad cutting into my baby!

I got some lovely footwear for Christmas and I can’t wait till I wear them!  When the summer comes in I probably won’t take my Vivs off, I’ve been dying for a pair of Westwoods for ages and now I finally have a pair.   I love the boots too, they’re right up my street and they’ll look nice to jazz up outfits.  My bestie got me these two pairs, thanks girl!  The Vince Camuto shoes were a present to myself, got them in the sales and I’m glad cause they’re so comfy.
I got loads of clothes but haven’t pictured them all.   I got a few new pairs of jeans (badly needed them), a Nike tracksuit and lots of new pjs.   As always, I got a new hat and scarf set cause I need to be cosy at all times during Scottish winter!

I got more jewellery this year than normal but I had a big birthday so bear that in mind.  I got a watch and 2 bracelets but I haven't pictured them.  I needed some new stuff so I’m so grateful for all of these.  I also got some beautiful wooden jewellery boxes, can't wait to display them in my bedroom!


I was down to my last bottle of perfume and planned to put an order into Eden perfumes but I got a few bottles to keep me going! Thanks everyone!

Bath Goodies
If you know me at all, you’ll know I love relaxing in the bath! I got a box of Lush stuff and a box of Emily Louise Fragrance stuff. I love that Kas and my friends have started buying me cruelty free stuff now, it’s so thoughtful. 2018 will be filled with relaxing baths, love it!  Some of the Emily Louise bombs are black, cant wait to try a black bath bomb!

As you can tell from this photo, my friends know me well! I am the Vodka Queen!


I got a big chunk of makeup this year, just what I was needing!   I actually bought myself the Illamasqua stuff (why not) because there was a sale on.  The Naked 2 palette is from my workmates, I was so touched when they got this for my birthday!  The other stuff is from my best friend, she always picks me up bits n bobs.

Vegan Cookbook
I absolutely love this present! I had been wanting a convenient cookbook for ages and since I don’t eat cheese or eggs, a veggie one was no good. I’m almost completely plant based now so this is just what I need to try and imporove my cooking skills and eat a little bit better. I’m bad for relying on pasta and toast, all this will change in 2018!

World Map
How cute is this? Travelling is one of my passions so I think this is super cute, cant wait to hang it up!
Kas knows Pulp Fiction is one of my fave films so he got us this!  Decided its going to be our first artwork on the walls if we get a house this year.

Make Up Brush Cleaner
I detest cleaning my brushes but it is a necessity - here's hoping this works well and I can get through my brushes faster!

Can't believe how spoilt I am!  I got other bits and bobs too and I am so grateful for every single present I received.  Also so touched that my friends came out on a boozing session on 23rd December to help me celebrate my birthday when they could have been doing other things.  I'm a lucky lass!  Presents aside, I am very blessed in life and I appreciate it.

Did you get anything nice?  What is your favourite gift?


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