Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My progression to veganism and changes in my diet


I’m going to start this post off by being up front – I’m a really shitty vegetarian.

Well, more lazy than shitty.  For as long as I remember I’ve never liked the taste of most meat.  I was completely in love with animals when I was a child (still am) so maybe that played a part in it.  I ate very little meat and slowly over the years I just cut it out until I ate none.  I also have never eaten cheese, it’s just so vile I can’t even describe.  Eggs… well I don’t mind eggs disguised in other things but I’ve never eaten them boiled or anything.  That’s a lot of things I don’t eat, isn’t it?  I eat a lot of fruit and veg but I also rely heavily on pasta, toast, cereal etc, not exactly the gold standard of food.  I’m trying to go full vegan lately but I’m still on the hunt for a milk replacement that I actually like.  If you have any suggestions then let me know please!  I have cut it down significantly, so I’m on track. 

Ok, so now you know my background.  For probably the last 10 / 15 years (I’m not even exaggerating) I’ve been tired.  I thought it was just a part of me, I got exhausted easily and that was that.  I obviously knew that my diet was lacking in protein so a few years ago I started drinking whey protein shakes but it hadn’t done much for me.  Like, I know it obviously is helping my body especially as I like weight training but physically I never felt any more energetic.  I recently decided to give myself a kick up the arse and actually try and improve my diet.  I signed up to a vegan help website and they sent me lots of emails with nutrition tips and it really got me thinking.  I started trying to change small things in my diet and I felt like I was really getting my shit together!  My doctor did some tests about 6 weeks ago and found that I am B12 deficient - that explains the tiredness being worse lately and the dizzy spells.

Even after all my changes though… it still didn’t feel enough.  I still don’t have much energy so I asked around for supplement advice.  I won’t lie, I didn’t get much back!  Even from other vegans and veggies.  People told me to up my protein and B12 but that’s about it so I done my own research on what nutrients I needed, asked a fitness coach to point me in the direction of a decent supplement company and off I went.  I’ll do a full review on all the products I bought once I’ve used them for a while and see results (or not).  I’m hoping that I can report back on how great I’m feeling!

As for now, I am taking my suppliments and trying new meal plans.  Change doesn't come overnight though so I am not expecting to be able to run a marathon next week.  I'm still cutting out the last of the animal products in my diet, learning about nutrition and trying really fucking hard to give my body everything it needs.  I'll get there!  I'm determined to get there!

For my readers on a restricted diet, how do you hit all of your nutrient needs?  All and any advice is welcome!

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