Monday, 18 December 2017

What Christmas Means To Me

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I absolutely adore Christmas time.  Every year I look forward to December, I always feel happy and content this month.  It’s my birthday in December, as well as Christmas and Hogmanay so I have a lot of things to celebrate.
To me, Christmas isn’t just about presents.  I’ve always been very fortunate and get spoiled year after year but I honestly wouldn’t mind if I didn’t get presents at all.  My favourite thing about Christmas day is having lots of food then chilling in my pjs on the couch and watching films.  I spend the day with my dad and we don’t do fancy Christmas – it’s a chill day in my home.  Sitting down for a day of rest after the madness of December is always welcome, and nothing beats being surrounded by all of my beautiful Christmas lights and decorations.

I have December traditions that make me feel more ‘Christmassy’ and I look forward to them year after year.  I always visit the Edinburgh Christmas markets at some point, they are by far the best in Scotland.  Walking around the markets drinking hot chocolate in Scotland’s capitol always puts me in full force charismas mode!  Each year I buy some angel decorations for my tree, I can’t resist them!  Every year I say I’ll go into the traveller-style caravan and get my fortune told but I never do… maybe this year!

I always spare a thought for others in December, it is so easy to get wrapped up in your own bubble but Christmas is a hard time for many people.  I give money to charity every month but I give a little extra in December to try and spread the goodwill.  Sounds cheesy, but if you can’t spread some joy at Christmas then when can you?!

I truly count my blessings at Christmas, it’s the time of year that makes me stop and think.  I have a wonderful family – it’s not a massive family but I’m fortunate, some people spend Christmas alone.  I have an amazing boyfriend who would do anything for me and he always makes an effort to make Christmas special.  I have fabulous friends and we always make an effort to have a Christmas night out or two – many people would love the support network that my friends give me.  I have my health, while not everyone does – my dad was very ill last year and it was hard for him to get through the day and it was hard on me seeing him that way.  When you’re a child you look on Christmas as a day you get presents but when you mature I think that the meaning of Christmas changes.  The religious side of Christmas may be overshadowed by Santa and bargain gifts but even if you aren’t a believer, if you look a little closer at Christmas you will truly be able to count your blessings.

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