Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Deleting Social Media

It may be unthinkable to some, but I have (and probably will again) deleted some of my social media accounts.

In the past couple of weeks, I have deleted my twitter account and made a new one.  That's the second time I've done that.  It sounds weird, but I felt a little guilty deleting both of them.  I once had a personal account and a blog account but decided to merge them into one.  The hardest thing about deleting my personal account was the fact that Lady Gaga herself followed me!  Yes, I swear to god.  I followed her long ago, when she was an emerging star and she returned the favour.  Obviously the chances of having that again are slim but keeping up 2 twitters was exhausting, at least for someone like me who enjoys social media but also hates being tied to it.

I deleted my latest twitter because it felt as though it was a ball and chain to my past - to parts of my life that are over and done with, parts I'd maybe rather forget.  I tried to delete my old tweets using a 'deleting' app but it didn't quite work and it didn't give me the fresh start I wanted.  These days, people can find old tweets very easily and I don't want to be reminded of the old me that was reckless with shooting my mouth off, or to parts of my life that are very different now compared to back then.  Does that make sense?

A few people who read my blog will also know that I deleted my Facebook a few years ago.  I think I was off for more than 2 years!  Some people thought I must be a bit strange, not having fb but I found it (and still find it) very invasive and a bit 'too much' for me.  I caved to peer pressure and decided to make another fb about 3 years ago but now I mainly use it for tagging friends in memes, how exciting!

With the whole 'dragging up the past' culture going on right now I feel like I wanted to step away from my old twitter, Kirsty 8 years ago is very different from the person who is writing this now.  I was never a horrible person; I was never racist or bullied people online, I didn't ever threaten anyone and I've never been an all out cunt but you know, when you're young and stupid you are young and stupid.  I used phrases and words I wouldn't use now (slut, ugly, other horrible words) because I was daft and didn't think about the impact it had on people.  We grow up in a world where derogatory, sexist and hurtful language is the norm and as I get older, I've been unlearning discriminatory language.

I also probably put way too much personal info online and that's something that really freaks me out, I hate the thought of people I don't know being able to piece together my life from random tweets.  Some friends I've met through blogging / twitter know me pretty well in real life now but I like being able to pick and choose who gets to know me and I like being able to keep an eye on what information I give out to the public domain.  8 years ago, very little people followed me and Twitter was just an emerging site - I wasn't as careful about personal info then as I am now.

So yeh, that's my explanation in a nut shell.  Does anyone else feel the same or am I a bit weird?  Regardless, I feel glad that I've wiped the slate clean.

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