Saturday, 25 November 2017

Castle Venlaw, Peebles Review

I recently spent a weekend in Castle Venlaw Hotel in Peebles, what a lovely weekend it was!
I booked the weekend as a birthday present for Kas and I’m really glad I went with this hotel; there are so many to choose from in Peebles!

Castle Venlaw was built in 1782 and is every inch a beautiful historic castle. It was turned into a hotel around 50 years ago and the property seems very well maintained. It is an over 18s only hotel and it added to the appeal if I’m honest!

The rooms are all named after whiskeys (how very Scottish) and we ended up in the Glenmorangie room. The room itself was stunning! I loved the old, four poster bed and how big the room was. I hate being in a cramped little room! Venlaw was really spacious and light, with high ceilings and huge windows. The room looked out onto the castle gardens which were lovely but sadly we couldn’t enjoy them due to typical Scottish weather! Our room was lovely and cosy too, bonus points for this! Nothing worse than staying in an old building and lying in bed icy cold because their heating system is ancient. The walls weren’t the best though, I heard a lot of noise from the surrounding rooms and I think our room was next to a cupboard / storage room because I heard it opening and closing a lot. Irritating but not the end of the world!

The bathroom was pretty impressive! I’ve stayed in a few castle conversions and most bathrooms seem to be outdated with a rubbish shower but Castle Venlaw was flawless. The suite itself seemed pretty new, spotless clean and had a powerful enough shower to wash my hair without taking an age. In the guest book it did warn us that sometimes the water may not be roasting hot but this wasn’t a problem during our stay. I even had a full on relaxation night and sat in the (glorious) massive bath with a vodka and a bath bomb. It was just what I needed! Saying that, the bathroom was very narrow so people who rely on powerchairs or wheelchairs would struggle using the facilities. I’m not sure if this is the case for the whole hotel or just our room, the castle itself would know better than me.

We didn’t eat at the hotel and this is where it loses favour with me! Everything on the menu had meat in it except the soup… disappointing to say the least. We asked at reception if there was anything suitable for me and we were told that the soup was veggie. With the price of the hotel I expected better than this, a simple tomato pasta dish or baked potato isn’t hard to add to the menu. So the hotel loses a little of its sparkle due to this I'm afraid!

We had a few drinks downstairs at the bar on Saturday night and played a few card games; it was really relaxing . It paralleled the castles older theme and it was filled with old leather chairs and little wooden tables, with bookshelves along the walls. I loved the bookshelves! What’s better than chilling with a vodka and a book?

I had a lovely relaxing, weekend at Castle Venlaw. The location was beautiful and the castle itself was stunning. I think it is slightly over rated due to the rubbish menu but if the right deal came up I would definitely go back.

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