Tuesday, 15 August 2017

What Is Happening With Our World?

The world is a shower of shit sometimes, isn’t it?

The racism, intolerance, cruelty and hatred in this world is genuinely starting to dishearten me. Within the space of a few weeks there has been a threat of nuclear war, Nazi marches, a 15 year old girl in Scotland committing suicide due to xenophobic bullying and the 10 year anniversary of Sophie Lancaster’s murder. And this is just the stuff that I know about. No doubt there will have been bombs dropping on the other end of the world, something so common that its very rarely reported any more.I see people around me that want an equal, peaceful world and that gives me hope but lately it feels like we are outnumbered. It feels like we are losing this battle. For a while I genuinely thought we were winning. Dickheads still existed but in small numbers…. The tide has turned somewhere along the way because now these disgusting, subhuman cunts are out in force. Our leaders threaten us with more wars, haven’t we had enough lately? Nazis terrorise the streets, didn’t we learn our lesson the first time? Racists have found their public voices, no longer whispers amongst their friends, and they are determined to divide us all but why haven’t we realised that racism is a cancer to society? Intolerance towards other religions is rife, acid attacks are on the rise and nobody in power seems to be doing anything to help. Animal abuse is on the rise and our government aren’t doing a damn thing to help them; 6 months is the maximum prison sentence handed out to abusers. You’d get more time for fly tipping. Disabled members of our communities are struggling to be seen and heard, sometimes even struggling to survive but change is slow in coming.

I’m only just touching on issues here, I can guarantee there are a million other things I could rant about. But honestly, I feel like I’m close to giving up on society. Our world has the ability to be beautiful and provide a safe, happy space for everyone but humans are pieces of shit and are hell bent on destroying it.

How do we change this? Can we change this or are too late?

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