Monday, 8 May 2017

Vegan Birkenstock Eva Arizona Sandals Review

Today I wanted to talk to you about the Birkenstock EVA Arizona sandals I recently purchased.

These Birkenstocks are slightly different to the regular style; these are made with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) which means they are durable, waterproof and hard wearing.  In real life they have a glossy shine to them, a quality that Birkenstock claim wont fade but I guess only time will tell.  They are much cheaper than the original cork version and much lighter in weight.  Perfect to use at home and durable enough to last through a fast paced holiday!

Birkenstocks are famous for providing a comfortable, durable sandal.  The original cork material are well-known for lasting for years and providing great support to the foot.  The company claims that the EVA sandal are the vegan alternative to the original.  I cannot testify to their longevity as I haven't had these for years but I can give some insight to the fit of the shoe.  If you've read my blog previously you'll know I have had mortons neuroma foot surgery (post here) so I need some good support and a wide fit shoe.  The Eva Birkenstock seems to tick the boxes so far!

The sandal fits really well, has a wide toe area and little groves (seen in the last picture) to hold your toes in place.  The sandals look quite big before you put them on because they are designed to fit around your foot, with slightly raised edges to keep your foot in place (as opposed to normal sandals where your foot sits on top of them rather than in them). 

The Arizona sandals have 2 straps as you can see from the photos and this helps the shoe stay in place without having to scrunch your toes the way you do when you wear 'thong' type sandals.  The straps are great because you can adjust them to fit to your own foot which is particularly good if your foot swells in the heat or after a lot of walking. 

The soles provide really great cushioning for your feet which is especially good if you have foot problems like me.  The EVA plastic is very elastic and is designed to absorb the shocks from walking, something that most sandals don't provide.  I hate walking around and feeling every little stone or bump under my foot so these are great for me.

I'm glad I bought these EVA Arizona sandals.  I like the way they look, they go with everything from jeans and leggings to little sundresses or shorts.  They are comfortable enough to wear all day and if you look after them, I think they would be very durable like all other Birkenstocks.  

So far I haven't found much 'cons' to these sandals.  I will say though, they can get a little squeaky if you use them straight after you apply cream or sun-cream!  I noticed that whenever I applied any sort of cream then put them on the straps would squeak against my skin.  I guess it's not a big deal but I thought I would let you know anyway.


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