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How to get long healthy hair!

I get asked my hair care routine quite often so I wanted to put it into a post.  I'm not a hairdresser but I have saved my hair from the brink of darkness.  Years of dying my hair bright red or pink, and bleaching it to a white / silver blonde had caused my hair to be fucked.  I wont sugar coat it, my hair was fucked.  I made a decision to look after my hair more and fast forward a few years, my hair is now long and healthy once more.  Here are the rules I try and stick by:

Wash Your Hair Less
Yip, something this simple can really make a difference.  Unless you are heat free (I'm assuming you aren't) the more you wash your hair, the more you need to blowdry and style your hair.  That is a lot of heat, especially if its every day or two.  Your hair is not built to withstand this type of heat so even cutting down your washing and styling a little can have a huge impact.  I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week and I try and use as little heat as possible on my hair.  I do blowdry but I only tend to style my hair at weekends as my work requires that my hair is pinned back while I'm in the lab - my excuse to be a little lazier / softer on my hair.

Cut Down On Heat
I touched upon this in the first tip - heat is bad for your hair.  It wrecks the structure and is undoubtedly one of the biggest causes of fried, sad looking hair.  Too much heat will dry out your locks and result in snapping, something that is hard to stop once your hair is that badly dried out.  Try and cut down on heat just a little and you'll feel the difference.  When you must use heated tools, use the lowest heat setting and always use a heat protective product.  Please remember to let any heat protective spray dry before you style it with heated tools - if you spray your hair then immediately style it will literally burn your hair.  You could even swap tongs for rollers whenever you can or try styles like buns and french plaits to give your hair a little rest from curlers or straighteners.

Brush Your Hair - Gently
Seems obvious right?  I thought I'd put it in anyway.  Brush out knots and keep your hair from matting.  I find my hair so knotted after a day out in the wind and rain, all those knots could lead to breakage and that is not what you need!  Most importantly, use a gentle brush.  I swear by my tangle teaser because it gets out knots without being too rough or breaking the hair.  Long hair is especially bad for tangling at the back so I carry about a mini tangle teaser with me when I'm out and about.

But Don't Over-Brush It When Wet
Your hair is at its weakest when it is wet so please be careful when brushing after you wash it.  I always wait until my hair is mostly damp and use my beloved tangle teaser... unless I'm in a hurry of course and need to brush it wet, then I am just very careful.

Ditch The Super Tight Pony Tail
Do you get little snapped hairs at the nape of your neck?  They never seem to grow past a certain length?  The problem could be using hair elastics to pull your hair into a tight pony tail.  My hair is sensitive to this and to help solve this problem I have been wearing my hair in plaits more at work and switching to spiral plastic hair ties rather than elastics.

Get Regular Trims
Whenever you see split ends start to creep in, go to the hairdresser!  If you don't get it trimmed the splits will break further and further up the hair shaft and you won't get Rapunzel hair like that.  In the pictures above I'd just had about 3 inches cut off.  It is always a sad day but it needs to be done!

Give Your Hair Some TLC
Unless you are one of those lucky few that can get long hair without any effort you will need to put some energy into keeping your hair healthy.  My tips are simple; switch to sulphate free shampoo, use a good hair mask once a week, and use quality hair oil daily (or whenever needed).  You especially need to do this if you colour your hair.

Give Yourself Some TLC
Drink more water and eat more fruit and veg, it is as simple as that.  I don't have a perfect diet but I drink plenty of water and I think it definitely helps.

Get Yourself A Brazillian Blowdry
I completely swear by this treatment because it allows me to cut down heat drastically and it helped my hair grow so much.  Read more about it here and here.  If you decide to get this treatment done then please go to a good salon.

These are the tips I swear by and I promise you that my hair is thankful for it!  What are your best tips for healthy hair?

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