Friday, 28 April 2017

Jamie Genevieve Makeup Masterclass

A few months ago a friend and I got the chance to go to a makeup class by the gorgeous Jamie Genevieve.  I know it was a few months ago but I just realised I hadn't actually written about it!   My bad, life has been hectic lately.  Sorry for the crappy quality photos, my phone is on its last legs!
The class was set in the St Enoch Shopping Centre in Glasgow and lasted about an hour and a half I think.   I wasn't sure what to expect from the class because the webpage didn't give much away, but it was a little masterclass on the hot makeup technique atm.

 The room itself was set up like a little theatre with rows of chairs pointing to Jamie on a small stage. The hosts had put up screens too, for people seating near the back.   I thought the way it was laid out was pretty fair, and the seats were on a first-come first-seated basis.  My friend and I got there early so we were sat at the front so I seen the class perfectly.  I had a chest infection though and I was trying to cough my lungs up as quietly as I could.  The model was so pretty and she really suited her end look.  I loved that the model had a bare face, its so hard seeing what someone is doing in YT tutorials if their model already has makeup on.

At the end, Jamie did a question and answer session which I found soooo helpful!  I've read a million reviews online and spent an eye watering amount of money on makeup but nothing beats advice from someone who does it for a living.  I would love to properly pick her brain on specifically cruelty free products but I did ask her on Twitter to do a cruelty free look and she said yes, so I am eagerly awaiting that!

The most important tips I took away from the class were these:
  • I need to start using Illamasqua Hollow as an eye base or contour product.
  • I need to try some Too Faced products because the shadows look great!
  • I need to buy myself some Zoeva brushes
  • I should really try more NYX products (I've only tried the lipsticks)

I need a lot of things, eh?  I got waaay more tips than this but it would be a huge blog post and you'd be as well just watching her Youtube because she explains it better than me!

St Enoch even gave us a little gift voucher to spend in the shopping centre for going to the makeup class, how nice! I put it towards an Urban Decay setting spray.

If you get the chance to go to one of these then please do!   It's really helpful if you're a makeup fan. Plus Jamie is just so sweet and funny, it's nice to see her in action.  Plus she is gorgeous, she gave me the tattoo itch again (with me being ill and on antibiotics, she made me feel even more of a potato than I already looked).  Have you ever been to one of her classes?

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