Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Adopting Amelia

Anyone who reads this blog or follows my Twitter will know how much I love animals and how painful it was to lose my gorgeous little hamster Napoli (read all about her here).  When Napoli passed away my flat felt so empty, not to mention how empty my heart was.  Animals make me happy, its as simple as that.  I feel lonely without animals to look after so after feeling this way for a few months I started thinking about what to do next.

As it approached Christmas I seen a little hamster for adoption on the Scottish SPCA website and I fell in love.  The SSPCA had took Amelia in when someone found her abandoned in the woods, who could do such a thing to a tiny animal?!

I mentioned Amelia to my dad (Daddy Tartan Bones adored Napoli and missed her as much as I did) and we were both sort of like 'is it the right time to get another animal'...  Anyway the next day on my lunchbreak I decided to phone the SSPCA and enquire about Amelia but she had already been reserved!  I was so gutted.  I came home from work feeling pretty sad.  When you see an animal you want to adopt, you just know.  And she was gone!  I was happy that she was getting her happy ending though.  My boyfriend and I even said we hoped she was going to a house where she'd have someone like Daddy Tartan Bones (because he spoilt Napoli so much when she was here).  I also said to my dad about how sad I was.  Turns out, it was him that had reserved her!  He went over that day as soon as the rehoming centre opened!  Amelia wasn't going to get someone like my Dad, she was actually getting my dad!  I was over the moon!

Life is never as easy as that though, is it?  I couldn't wait to bring her home but due to being abandoned in woods she had a rash all over her little tummy and had to get 3 doses of antibiotic before we could have her.  We didn't get her til January but better late than never!  I was so worried about her and phoned the SSPCA a lot for updates on how she was.

Amelia came to us and she instantly settled in.  She is such a friendly little character and she loves playing with her humans.  She has absolutely no problems being handled and loves jumping all over the top of us.  However as soon as I saw her I wasn't entirely convinced that she was a 'she' haha I honestly think she has been sexed wrong because sometimes she looks very like a boy hammy so I've nicknamed her Ami the Hammy or Ami Ru.

Amelia lives in an indoor rabbit / guinea pig cage so she has plenty of space (tiny cages for hamsters might look cute but they are cruel) and I genuinely think she loves her house.  She sleeps in her huge bed that Daddy Tartan Bones made her.  She loves her blankets (face cloths) the same way Napoli did and she makes a little nest out of them.  Look at the picture above and you'll see what I mean!  How cosy does Ami look in her blankets?!  I think that is probably where the similarities between Napoli and Amelia end, Amelia is so different to Nap!

Amelia is so sassy and she lets you know when she isn't happy!  She hisses so loudly!!  Something that Napoli never did... the first time she did it I got such a fright!  She hisses when she's tired and wants to go back to bed, she hisses when I clean out her bedding, she hisses if she wants past me and I'm blocking her way....  I told you she was sassy!

Ami is such a little fuss pot too!  She doesn't like hamster treats and she is seriously picky about her hamster muesli.  You could say that she takes after me on the fussy side of thing!  She loves porridge oats, fruit, veg and milk.  One of the earlier photos shows Ami eating her rice crispie breakfast - she gets up every morning as soon as my dad put her breakfast in her cage.

I think Amis favourite things ever are her two wheels - she has a wheel and a saucer.  Napoli was never fussed on wheels but Amelia can run for hours.  Ami likes when one of her humans sits on the floor with her; if we put one of the wheels on the floor beside us she'll run all night until we go to bed.  As you can see from the picture above, Amelia also likes the Barbie car!

To date she has only broke out of her cage once, she isn't a born escape artist!  When she got out, and this is a true story, she went into my dads room!  His duvet was hanging off the bed and Amelia climbed up and onto his bed!  She woke my dad up by trying to climb on him hahaha he jumped out of bed because he got a fright from being woken up and he spotted Amelia standing on her tippy toes looking at him!  I am definitely not Amelias favourite, am !?

So yeh, this little thing is the newest member of my family and I love her to bits.  I am so glad we brought her home because she has brought us a lot of happiness.  Isn't she cute?


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