Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What I got for my birthday and Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! I had a quiet one this year, exactly what I was needing! 2016 was a rough one so I took it easy this festive time and spent the majority of it in my pjs haha!

As always with these posts, if you don't like them then don't read them! I love these posts though, I do my own every year & I read everyone elses every year.

Note: my birthday is 22nd December so this is (as usual) a combo post of my birthday and Christmas gifts.

I was completely spoilt rotten!  I love all my gifts, I'm such a lucky lass!   This year I didn't ask for much, just new pjs and some bath bits.  I love pjs but all of mines had seen better days, and I was dangerously low on my bath stuff stash.

My friends (thanks Claire & Lorraine) got me some lovely pjs! So I got to throw all of my other ones away, wooo! It's a bit sad how happy pjs make me but I love them.  I would put a picture of them all up but half of them are in the wash now haha my bad!  Here are a few of the sets though, how cute are they?  Can you tell I'm a Disney nut?

I got loads of gorgeous bath stuff too! This will set me up for months, I won't need to buy almost of my toiletries till summer!
(Thanks to : Kas for my Soap & Glory sets, brother & sis in law for Santa Lush tin, and my friends for other Lush / Body Shop stuff)

I got lots of beautiful perfume too! These gifts were from Kas, Lorraine, my mum and my dad. I love love love getting perfume because I use it all and it saves me buying any during the year.  My birthday and Christmas perfume stash usually last me till at least Autumn :)

Pictured: YSL, Chanel, Daisy, 212, Dior.

I got some cute beauty bits too!   I didn't picture them but my friend Claire got me a whole years worth of my fave mascara, thanks dollface!  My friend Lorraine got me some Kat Von D stuff cos she knows that I love Kat and love her makeup.  I'm excited to try this palette, I hope it's as good as her other stuff!  My mum got me these brushes, just what I was needing because my eye brushes were a bit worse for wear.

I got some clothes bits too which I always love, cos who doesn't love adding to their wardrobe?!  Kas got me the hoodies and my mum / friends got me the clothes. Aren't they lovely / cosy / great prints?

I also received some grey Uggs because I spend my life rotating between converse, biker boots and Uggs. I know some people think they're rank but I love them :)

Kas got me some dragon-related things cus I'm a massive geek and I wish I had dragon babies. He can't get me a real dragon egg so he got me the next best thing! A dragon candle that hatches a baby dragon ornament when it's fully burnt. I'm so excited to see what dragon I have! It's a surprise whether it'll be black, green or red like Khaleesis dragons. Ahh I cannot wait! He also got me a dragon cup but my camera was not playing ball, all the pictures came out rubbish!
My little cousins got me two Game of Thrones cups because I want my own house this year haha it's a little start to my kitchen, how sweet is that!?

I got some other cute wee bits n bobs!  My dad got me a radio since I play music from the minute I open my eyes, look how cute and pink it is!  He also got me a Vivofit activity tracker, what a gem he is! I've had my eye on these for a while so its something I'll definitely use a lot.  He always gets me a calendar too, how cute is this hamster one?

I cannot even believe I am writing this but Kas pulled out the big guns for my birthday and got me my very first pair of Christian Louboutins!  They are perfect in every way possible, comfy and versatile and beautiful!   I'm still shocked, I can't believe it!  Is it acceptable to never ever take them off?!  I'll never be able to match this present on his birthday haha!  If I could give him the world, I would.

I am so greateful for everything I received, I genuinely love every single thing.  Thanks to each and every person who gave me a gift.

Do you have your own 'What I got for Christmas' post?  If so please leave a link below :)

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