Monday, 10 October 2016

Why I love Halloween

I love love love Halloween, its one of my favourite holidays of the year.  I wish the UK went OTT like America!  I'd love a big detached house that I could decorate; the garden would be full of pumpkins and lanterns, and inside would be full to the brim with skeletons and candy apples and bats.  How can you not love Halloween with all of that around you?!

I always try and celebrate it and here are the reasons why I love it so much:

  • I can watch as many horror films as I want, without people thinking I'm some sort of serial killer
  • Candy apples
  • Chocolate apples
  • Making my own chocolate apples (I'll get to candy apples eventually)
  • Dressing up! I usually dress up / go to parties the whole weekend closest to halloween, it'd be rude not to!
  • Drive in movies (the place I go only does them at Halloween)
  • Carving pumpkins (I'm always scared that I'll accidently stab myself though)
  • Having a valid reason to listen to the Monster Mash song
  • I can wear my Bat necklace without getting weird looks
  • its acceptable to eat loooads of chocolate and nobody can say shit about it
  • you can be anyone you want to be for a night!  From a Disney Princess to a zombie, the choice is yours!

Whats not to love?!  What is your favourite thing about Halloween?

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