Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Saying Goodbye To My Beautiful Napoli

My beautiful Napoli passed away recently and she left behind a massive hole in my heart, despite being only the size of my palm.

She became unwell very suddenly with a respiratory infection and I did the best I could to save her.  We got some antibiotics from the vet and she seemed to be getting loads better.  Infact, the night before she passed away was the happiest and most hyper I've ever seen her.  I am so, so sad that she didn't pull through.  She was only a year old and I wish I had longer with her.

Napoli was my little dough ball of joy and I will honestly miss her more than I can even explain.  I am a massive animal lover and her personality was so funny and cute, she was my wee friend.  She was really funny and had her own little routine in life.  She got up at certain times of the day for a drink, got up at the same time each night and had her own favourite foods.  If you're wondering... her fave foods were lettuce, grapes, sunflower seeds and boiled egg whites.  No yolks for her!  Daddy Tartan Bones even gave her a little mini plate of Sunday dinner every week, complete with all the trimmings.

Napoli was the little runt of the litter but when she came to live with me, she ended up a little chubby fur ball.  She was as strong as an ox and as sly as a fox.  She escaped literally more times than I can even count - I honestly don't know how she did it!  Napoli was the tidier than most humans I know.  If I put a treat into her cage in the wrong place, she moved it into her bowl... she was definitely my baby!  Hamsters like hoarding food but Napoli took it one step further - she separated her hoard out!  She put dry food in one pile, hammy treats in another pile, and fruit / veg in another pile.  Who says that little animals are stupid? 

Napoli was also the only hamster in the world to sleep with blankets.  Yes, blankets!  Well, face cloths.  It all started when I was cleaning her cage when she was a baby.  She tried to go to sleep on the floor but didnt have any bedding so I gave her some face cloths until I finished fixing her cage.  She loved them!  She lay on a little pile of them and pulled another one over her like a blanket.  That was the end of my face cloths, they belonged to her now!  I had to buy more in a separate colour so I knew which ones were hers and which ones were mine.  She got the white ones!  I told you she was the cutest thing in the world!  From that day on, I put bedding and face cloths in her bed and she loved getting snuggled inbetween them.  Her bed btw, was a custom made (by daddy Tartan Bones) because she liked to stretch out while she slept.  Luckily she stayed in a guinea pig cage, so it was big enough for custom made beds.  She also had a full sized Barbie car in her cage, her most favourite toy!  I think she was 100% the most spoilt hamster in the world.  And probably the most loved too!

Seeing Napolis little face every night made me happy.  Simple as that.  My flat feels so empty without her.  Its funny how a little fur ball can leave such a big hole in my life!  Not only mine, she touched lots of hearts.  Daddy Tartan Bones was her absolute favourite!  Napoli loved him so much, I always joked that she switched sides and became his hamster.  Napoli was also mines and Kas first fur baby, he loved her too.  My friends adored her and I think they enjoyed seeing her more than me.  Even my social media followers loved her.  It won't only be me who misses her, I am sure.

My gorgeous wee Napoli, I hope she is waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me.

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