Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Catalogues 247

Image borrowed from the Catalogue247 website.

One great thing about the internet – online shopping.  Don’t get me wrong, I love real-life shopping and spending the day in Glasgow (usually) wandering around the shops and spending ages in town but who has the time to do that every time they need a new dress or whatever?  Sometimes I prefer sitting in my pjs and getting all my shopping done from the comfort of my own home.

Catalogues247 is a site that helps make internet shopping loads easier by bringing various different catalogues onto the one site, which can be found here.  Catalogues make internet shopping even easier than it already is; they usually sell a variety of items from clothes to laptops and you can even open a credit account on those days when you're struggling before payday.

While I'm on the subject of credit, I like that Catalogues247 have pages on their site explaining different types of payback systems that catalogues may use and what each type of system involves.  I wish more shops that offered credit would do this.  The more information a customer has, the easier it is to handle repayments and borrowing a responsible amount of credit.

I think the great thing about ordering from catalogues is the delivery!  Sometimes its nice getting shopping sent to your door!  Picking it up from drop off points are all well and good but the lazy-bones inside me likes how easy catalogues are; many don't even charge for returns!  That is always good in my book because I'm an awkward between-sizes girl and I often order 2 sizes of the same item so when I have to pay for returns I grudge it!

My favorites among the Catalogues247 are Simply Be and Argos.

Simply Be
Everything you could possibly want is available on this website; from work-wear and party wear, to accessories, lingerie and shoes.  They even do makeup now too so I could literally kit myself out from head to toe and order everything from the one place - thanks Simply Be!
I love that they do a massive range of brands on here; Daisy perfume, MAC, Chanel,  Urban Decay etc.  I could easily spend a fortune on myself just on the perfumes and makeup alone.  The wide range of brands also makes Christmas and birthday shopping easy - I could probably buy the majority of my gifts on here.  And I could get them on credit!

Ok, this place needs no introduction!  Its my go-to place for most of my electrical items and if I need a last minute birthday gift for someone then I can always find something from them.  Argos is great for childrens toys too, I have loads of kids in my family so its really handy for me to buy their gifts from here rather than trail into town and search through toy shops.

The Catalogues 247 website is very simple to use (always a bonus) and they have a FAQ page if you need any more information about their services.  I love the idea of having loads of different catalogue companies all on the one website, anything that makes life simple gets my vote!  Catalogues247 don't charge for their services, nor do they hold any of your personal information.

What catalogue is your favourite?  Have I missed any hidden gems?

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