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We all heard some big news in the celeb world recently – Brangelina are no longer.  Ange has filed for divorce and simultaneously exploded the internet.

I’ll admit it, ok?  I was shocked.  And sad for them.  I’m no big fan of Brad but I do have a lot of love for Ange; she’s one of the few celebrities that I look up to.  I think she seems like a kind hearted wee soul and she’s also drop dead gorgeous.  Put aside how her and Brad got together for a second.  She does a hell of a lot for charity; she supports refugees, vulnerable women, people living in war torn countries and orphanages.  She does a lot of conservation work and in turn helps the communities and animals that live there.  She works hard for the United Nations and I feel that she genuinely does her best to do a little bit of good in our rotten world.  Hardly a monster, eh?

It took twitter no time at all to start posting things about how Ange was a homewrecker and how Jennifer Aniston will be rejoicing in the news.  Really?  Are we really still doing this?  This is me finally getting to my point – this post isn’t to make you like Angelina as much as I do, I literally do not care who likes her and who doesn’t.  But – and there is a but – I do think that blaming Angelina for a marriage break up is a bit OTT and dare I say it… sexist bullshit. 

Should Brad and Ange have gotten together while he was still a married man?  No, they shouldn’t.  Should she have fallen for a married man?  Certainly not.  However blaming her entirely and saying she ‘stole’ Brad Pitt actually makes me cringe.  I know people in real life and on the internet who swear this is true and over a decade later, still say they are firmly on #TeamJen.  Excuse me while I roll my eyes for a moment.  A MAN CANNOT BE STOLEN UNLESS HE WANTS TO.  A man is not a phone or a car, he is not an object that can be taken away against his will.  I can’t quite work out if the women who believe this nonsense are really insecure with their partners or if they’ve just swallowed all the bullshit they heard growing up.  If you are married and you love that person, you can say I AM NOT INTERESTED YOU CUNT when someone else shows interest.  Or something to that effect, at least.  Either way, affairs do not start in bedrooms – they start long before it.  Either at work (looking at you, Brad) or in a social circle or wherever the hell people start affairs.  If Brad wasn’t interested in Ange he could have told her to get to fuck.  He didn’t.  His bad.  He grew close to another women and ultimately left his wife for her.  Not a nice thing to do, but he’s not exactly a monster either.  Brad and Ange were together, what?  11? 12 years?  Did he stay with Ange out of love or did he want to save face?  I believe it was for love, but what do I know. 

Anyway, back to my point.  I think it is pathetic that in 2016 we still blame the other woman (who should 100% know better – I’m not condoning it) but not the man.  Why?!  To dismiss it as ‘oh, hes just a poor man and he can’t keep it in his trousers so obviously it’s all her fault, seducing him with her wicked ways’.  Nooooooo.  Noooooooooo.  I thought men were supposed to be intelligent creatures?  They run the world but they can’t say ‘not interested, love’ to a lust filled woman?  It’s very problematic to think this way because it results in men like Brad not taking responsibility for their actions.  On the other hand, don’t become the other woman.  It’s a shitty thing to do.

Moving onto Jen.  She’s just lovely isn’t she?  Just because I like Ange doesn’t mean I dislike Jen.  Jen didn’t ask for this comparison and I think she must grow tired of the press dragging this up after a decade.  She’s moved on.  She moved on ages ago.  She’s had a couple of long term boyfriends since Brad.  Let’s be honest, she was better off without Brad anyway!  Why would she stick with a cheat when she could move on with her life and find a better man? 

One final point: Ange is bisexual.  I seen a few tweets asking if she’ll switch sides or not.  Rolling my eyes again!  She cant switch sides if she likes both sides.  It’s as simple as that.  Ange said before, if she likes someone then their gender is irrelevant.  Whoever Angelina finds next (if she finds anyone) then I hope they make her happy!

And I think that’s me done!  This is an unusual post for me but I couldn’t fit this into 140 characters so here we are.  As always, this is just my wee opinion on things!

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