Monday, 22 February 2016

Update on Napoli

A lot of my Twitter followers love when I post stories and pictures about Napoli so I think I'll post more about her on here. The first post about here is located here if you want to read!

I've had her since August now so she'll be about 7 months old, my girl is growing up fast! She was the runt of the litter when I got her, literally half the size of her sisters. Since i brought her home, she has doubled in size and outgrown 2 cages! She's now living in a cage designed for indoor rabbits of Guinea Pigs. This cage is about 1 meter long and half a meter wide. She's the most spoilt hammy I know! I rearrange her cage once a week to keep her little mind stimulated by her surroundings. Hammys can get bored very easily; people think little animals are stupid / don't need toys etc but they really do need constant stimulation or they'll get depressed. I hate seeing hamsters in tiny cages with only a bed and a wheel, it's like us being stuck in a tiny bedroom all day.

Napoli is such a happy, sweet natured little hamster. She never bites and is always jumping on my hand for attention. She loves running about mad in her ball and playing in her little play pen. She's worked out how to get over the play pen walls and open the panels apart so I have to watch her like a hawk when she's in it. Other things that make her happy include: lettuce leaves, monkey nuts, toilet roll tubes and digging.

She's honestly the cutest little thing! I love her so much, she makes me smile every day.


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