Monday, 29 February 2016

Update on my Brazillian Blowdry

A lot of my twitter followers have been asking for updates on my Brazillian blowdry so I figured it was about time to do a wee update post!

Its been a few months since I got my blowdry done (also known as a keratin blowdry) and I absolutely love it!  It is by far the best £79 I have ever spent on my hair.  If you aren’t too sure what the blowdry is all about then have a look at my first post, here.

I don’t want to throw sweeping statements about but it *really* was life-changing for me.  Not win-the-lottery lifechanging, but my-life-is-much-easier-now sort of lifechanging.  I wish I’d went to that salon earlier!  If you read my earlier post you’ll know that I got a brazillian blowdry from another salon in Glasgow and I’d have been as well flushing my money down the toilet; it did nothing to my thick, naturally curly hair.

In the past few months, I have had such an easy ride when it comes to my hair.  Before my blowdry, my hair took an age to dry and it ended up in a frizzy unmanageable mess!  Now I can completely dry my hair in 10 minutes and it actually dries straight.  Even when I blast it dry, it still comes out looking ok.  In those few months I’ve only had to straighten my a handful of times.  A HANDFUL.  I am used to doing it once a day!  Or at least every time I wash and dry my hair.  The heat was really damaging my hair, not to mention taking up a lot of my time!  Now my hair feels super-soft and it is always sleek and straight.  I do still get the odd wave in my hair but I like that.  I only used straighteners a few times because id left my hair to dry naturally so the ends were a bit too wavy for me, and I was literally done in under a minute.

I can definitely feel a massive difference in my hair!  It is soft, sleek and much easier to manage. It has definitely helped my hair grow longer and keep it healthy.  As many of you know, I used to get extensions bonded into my hair every 3 months but my hair is almost at the extension-length now so I’ve stopped getting them in.  I needed to give my hair and my bank balance a wee break from all the bonds! 

One thing I’ve heard people complain about is the volume of their hair once they’ve had brazillian blow-dries.  I know some girls who find their hair flat and oily-looking but this hasn’t been a problem with me.  I think the key is finding a good shampoo that agrees with your hair!  To maintain a brazillian blow dry you must use sulphate free shampoo and I have worked my way through loads of brands during the years and they are a hit or a miss.  Some made my hair oily and some made my hair dry.  Just keep going through them until you find one that suits you!

I will 100% get this treatment done again and again, I couldn’t live without it now.  I’d recommend it to anyone who finds it hard / time consuming to manage their hair.  I will say again though, please go to a decent salon!

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