Monday, 15 February 2016

Olexy Production / Olexy Group : A Warning To Customers

As you all know, I recently went to an event and had my photo taken with my idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The post on this can be found here.  This event was hosted by a company that goes by Olexy Group or Olexy Productions.  The name has been changed between the two recently.

As I said in my post about meeting Arnie, Olexy are an absolute shit-storm of rude staff, incompetence and all round useless-ness.  Oh, and they like squeezing every last penny out of customers too.

Let me start:  when my boyfriend and I were looking at Arnie tickets and deciding which ones to buy (there were varying prices / seat locations / add ons) I emailed the company and they got back to me instantly.  They were polite and answered my questions on the dinner tickets as best they could.  So far, so good.

The night in question came and let me tell you, Arnie was sensational.  Funny, engaging and all-round amazing.  The staff / running of the event was a half-arsed mess.  I'm going to list a few ways in which they failed:
  1.  The table I sat at (number 28) was a massive dinner table, silver priced tickets £195 and seated 10 people.  Seats were double-booked and nobody seemed to want to fix it.  3, yes 3, different couples turned up with the same seat numbers.  Two of these couples noticed very early on and notified staff.  Staff were nowhere to be seen until the third couple showed up.  Two ladies were upgraded from silver seats to a gold-seated table.  Fair enough, everybody makes mistakes right?  But Olexy didn't make just one mistake...
  2. To meet Schwarzenegger, any couple who paid for photo tickets (£500) were asked to queue up - fair enough right?  Well, the queue in question took around one hour in a red hot corridor.  I would like to think that it was approved by health and safety officials.... but all those people stuck in a corridor?  'Fire Hazard' comes to mind.
  3. At the end of the corridor from hell we came in to a big room.  Olexy staff told us to leave any and all possessions in that room, we were not allowed to take them into the next room where Arnie was.  So I left my coat, jacket, shoes (they were hurting me), bag containing car keys, bank cards etc.  I thought I'd get them all back after the photo, right?  Nope, I was told to move along and I could collect them when staff were less busy.  Firstly - no.  Secondly - no.  That stuff of mines was worth a small fortune.  Thankfully my boyfriend went back and was insistent.  I'm also glad all of my things were still there when he was eventually let into the room.
  4. As we were getting our photos done, the staff were completely and unnecessarily rude.  My boyfriend went first and I was told to put my phone away by a male Olexy staff member - ok, I put it away.  I peeked around the man (he was blocking my view) and he said to me "I don't have time for this shit".  What shit, you twat?  Me looking at my boyfriend shaking Arnolds hand?  My guess?  He has a small penis and felt threatened by my gorgeous boyfriend and handsome Arnold.
  5. After the photo, we were sent into another roasting hot corridor to wait for our photos being printed off.  Another fire hazard?  Probably.
  6. After an hour, we arrived at the stand to collect our photos. On the website - a screenshot pictured below - it says that photo tickets are entitled to our framed copy of the photo, a second copy printed free and a free digital copy.  We were refused a second printed copy as they didn't have time.  Hmm, bit shit.  It also says 'free goodybag'.  Who knows what happened to that but we certainly didn't get one.
  7. After the event, my boyfriend and I went to the website to download our free digital copy - only to see that the website was charging £15 per photo.  Eh, wait a minute, £30 for two photos that are meant to be free?!  Not on!  So emailed them and I tweeted them.  You can see those tweets below.  Not pictured: the tweet where I said that all photo guests were rushed through when meeting Arnold.
This is a screen grab from their website.  It clearly states that we are entitiled to two photos and a free digital copy.  Plus the non-existing goody bag.

I tweeted Olexy the next day and just basically asked 'hey, why aren't the digital copies free?!'.  I was ignored for 6 days.  My email was also ignored.  

So I tweeted them again, 6 days later, something that the twat behind the twitter didn't like!  This was the response I got, a cheeky private mail.  Why was that necessary?  They could have replied something like 'sorry it has been a few days, we will get to you soon'.  They had time in those 6 days to tweet a lot, so who knows why they couldn't reply to me or email me back.

After I put their cheeky private mail into a public tweet, they mailed me privately again.  Note:  I got a link for my photos in a later tweet, you can see that below.  So the tweet sent at 13:34 saying "we've sent you a link and yet your still posting things" is a figment of their imagination, I didn't receive a link on twitter or by email at that point.

I cannot believe they blocked me!  Isn't that really pathetic?  And embarrassing?  And a little bit funny?  Olexy Whatever-your-second-name-is, for the third time, you guys need a lesson in manners.  They cost nothing!

My thoughts on whoever deals with their Twitter?  What a cunt :)

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