Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger

I met my idol!!!!  I actually can't believe that I met Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'm still in shock.  He's always been my hero, I've loved him since I was a child.   I grew up watching his films and following his achievements.  Did you know Arnie was the youngest person to win the Mr Universe contest and also won Mr Olympia 7 times?  Or that his films have made almost 4 billion dollars worldwide?  Yes you read that right, 4 billion dollars.  He also does a massive amount of political and charity work.  The man has had an incredible life and succeeds in everything he turns his hand to.

A company called Olexy (a shit storm of incompetence and rude staff but I'll tell you all about that in another post) were doing a black tie event where they hosted a 3 course dinner, an interview with the man himself then a chance to meet him or get photos afterwards.  There was a variety of different tickets on offer and my boyfriend and I decided to go with the dinner (silver section) and the photo opportunity.   We were counting down the days till we could meet Arnie!

The night itself was amazing, one of the best nights of my life.  How often do you get to meet your hero?  Or sit so close to him?  We arrived at our table, number 28, in the second row.  I was actually pretty stunned about how close to the stage we were; being in the same room as the big man was great, never mind being that close!  The dinner was lovely and the waiting staff were top notch - polite and very attentive.  Four people at my table had their tickets double booked, but again I'll get to that in my next post.

The interview was fantastic!  It was hosted by Jenny Falkner and I must say she did very well and looked beautiful.   Arnold was his usual self - witty, polite, tried his best to give his fans what they wanted.  He gave detailed answers to every question he was asked and really tried to show his fans a side to him that the public don't normally see.  I think he is mistaken for being a little stupid because of his muscles (all brawn and no brain) but he's a very clever man and it shows when he talks about his achievements, especially in the political and environmental world.   He spoke about his many different careers; from bodybuilding to Hollywood to politics and charity work.  Arnie spoke about his family life too, another thing that the public don't get to hear a lot of.  The whole audience clung to his every world and it was genuinely worth every penny for the ticket.   I'd see him again in a heartbeat.

Arnold was looking so smart in his suit, he really looks so handsome considering he is almost 70!  I thought Arnie was gorgeous as a young man, they certainly don't make them like that these days!  I'd take him over morons like Justin Knobhead Bieber any day.

After the interview it was time to get our photos taken and I was soooo nervous!  I was thinking 'is my makeup ok / does my hair look like shit / what if I see him and can't talk / what if I blink in the photo' etc etc haha!   We queued for ages in a roasting hot corridor, Olexy really didn't think it out very well and I felt like some (not all) of the staff were pushy and downright rude.  Anyway, we got chatting to some lovely people while we were in the queue and it made the time pass faster.   My shoes were killing me but seeing the big man was definitely worth the pain!   I met the nicest guy in the queue; the Entertainenator from Britain's Got Talent!  He is such a lovely guy and he's hilarious, he kept my boyfriend and I laughing the whole time.  He was working that night, doing his Arnie impressions and he was spot on!   He kindly took a photo with me and signed his section of the event booklet.  Thanks Stu!

Then after an age of waiting, it was finally time to meet Arnie!  Kas went in first and it made my heart burst seeing my gorgeous boyfriend standing beside my idol, it actually felt so surreal!  Isn't his picture lovely?  I went after Kas and I was genuinely so starstruck!  If you look at the picture, you can see that my left hand is blocking the view of our handshake... I was so starstruck that I wasnt even thinking about my pose!  I think I just had to touch him with both hands, you know - to make sure it was actually real!!  When the photo was taken I asked for a hug and before he even replied I just threw my arms round him haha sorry Arnie!  He gave me a kiss on the head so he was alright about it!  Kas and I both agree - he looks amazing in real life.  He is still big from bodybuilding and still looks fit and healthy.  I can't stop looking at our photos, even seeing the evidence doesn't make it seem real!  Aren't they amazing?!

We were rushed through the photo room then has to wait in a corridor like a sauna until we got our photo.  It was a bit shit that we were rushed but it was still 100% worth the money because I will never get the chance to meet my idol again.  Kas and I plan to put our photos on the wall in our 'cinema room' when we get a mortgage, can't think of anything better to decorate my walls with!

How amazing are our photos though?  And how amazing is Arnie?  Isn't he amazing???

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