Friday, 26 February 2016

Body Shop Body Butter Haul

As a Valentines gift I got 4 of these beautiful body butters from The Body Shop and I love them all <3  my boyfriend knew I had finished my current tub so he stocked me up with butter to last me till summer!

He got me strawberry (my long term fave), mango, satsuma, and apricot. 

My favourite for many years.  I will always pick strawberry gift sets because I love the smell. However, satsuma has knocked strawberry to second place!  The strawberry fragrance is reasonably strong and lasts for hours on the skin.  

My new ultimate favourite!  I love it because out of the 4, it has the strongest scent by far.  I can smell it for ages on my skin and it smells so fresh! 

Pink Grapefruit
I like this one but it doesn't remind me of grapefuit, I don't know why!  It smells lovely though and I like the pink colour of the cream - definitely the girliest body butter I've ever used.

This is a great butter.  The scent is nice and it lingers on the skin for ages afterwards.

I love them all!  I moisturise every day and these keep my skin soft and hydrated.

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