Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Atholl Palace Hotel Review

My boyfriend treated me to an overnight at Atholl Palace for Valentines Day, he spoils me!  We went on the 6th February for their special Valentines night and it was amazing from start to finish.

Atholl Palace Hotel is situated in Perthshire and is a 4 star hotel.  We got a mid-price room and I honestly felt like a Queen!  A hungry Queen... But we'll get to that part later!

We arrived in the afternoon, check in is from 4pm onwards.  I wish it was a little earlier but I suppose that's not a big deal.  The reception staff were lovely and sorted us out with our room quickly and politely.  The foyer area won me over straight away because there was platters of chocolate covered strawberries everywhere, always a bonus!

Our room was on the first floor and it honestly took my breath away when I walked in!  My boyfriend had asked the hotel to sprinkle rose petals over our bed and in the bath, what a beautiful surprise!  I thought that only happened in movies!  He had also asked for chocolates to be sat on our bed too.  How sweet!  We had a room at the front of the hotel with beautiful views overlooking the hills; I could have looked out the window for hours. 

Our bedroom had a 4 poster bed (at the boyfriends request) because I've always wanted one but sadly my bedroom isn't big enough!  It was like sleeping on a big cosy, fluffy cloud.  The TV was basic channels which didn't bother me but I know it might put some people off.  The room had plenty of storage space but we didn't really use it because we were only there for one night.  The room provided a trouser press and I think irons were available on request, plus they had a little hairdryer. 

The bathroom was massive and basic toiletries were provided for.  The bath was huge and i felt so pampered lying in my bubble bath that night surrounded in rose petals!  One massive let down was the atrocious shower.  My boyfriend tried to wash his hair in the morning and the shower wasn't strong enough to rinse his hair!  He had to fill the sink and finish his hair there.  Now, if he can't even do his hair in the shower then my long hair wouldn't stand a chance.  I'm so glad I just tied my hair back in the bath!  You'd think for more than £200 a night they could afford a decent shower!

Every inch of our room was spotless, not a bit of dust in sight.  I always love staying in clean venues!  As well as being a beautiful room, it was nice and quiet too.  We had neighbours really close to us but we didn't hear them at all.  The whole hotel was beautiful; full of old paintings, antique furniture and 100% extravagance!

The Valentines package included a 3 course dinner and a live band afterwards. I was so disappointed when the menu only had 3 main meals but none of them were vegetarian.  I felt too embarrassed to ask for a different meal (staff were running about mad trying to serve people) so I just ordered the steak and gave it to Kas.  I had crusty, dried in mash and veggies for dinner.  Not exactly fit for a Queen... I'm glad Kas and I took some crisps with us for the drive home!  Staff gave us loads of free wine but we didn't drink much of it because we're vodka drinkers haha!  The live band was great and I definitely enjoyed listening to their covers of all my favourite love songs.  

Overall, I adored my night away and I felt so spoilt!  Kas was so sweet to take me overnight and it made my Valentines presents to him seem rubbish in comparison!  The shower and the meal did spoil it though, which is such a shame!  We had a great night despite this and would even consider it as a wedding venue - if they put on a decent menu!  If you want to feel like royalty for a night then you should 100% visit Atholl Palace Hotel.

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