Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Tandem Bungee Jump

In December my boyfriend and I did a tandem bungee jump.  It was a 160 foot jump and it was terrifying!

It was a birthday gift to him and it was sorta one of those 'great idea at the time' things... But the night before the jump all I could think was 'why the hell did I do this?!??!'.  I'm not a coward for most things... I'll try most daredevil things at least once but the bungee really had me shitting myself.  I don't think I would have went through with it if I was doing a lone jump.

That morning we didn't eat anything, we were too scared incase we were sick haha!  When we drove into the place where the bungee was taking place I actually felt my stomach drop because I caught sight of the bungee crane.  It was huge!  I know it sounds silly but I didn't realise how high 160ft was.  Its soooo high!

I felt a little better when I seen other people jump and survive to tell the tale.  I thought 'well if they didn't die then I shouldn't either'.

The process was pretty simple.  My ankles were tied together with a harness, as were my boyfriends.  We then had to put on a waist harness, not the most flattering thing!  Our ankles and waists were then clipped together to secure us to one another.  We were facing each other so we were attached at the ankles and waist for safety reasons, to minimise the chances of smacking off each other and breaking something!

When we were safely secured to each other we had to hop onto the cage on the crane.  The cage then lifted up the 160ft and we were good to go!  As the cage got higher and higher, the more scared we both were.  Its a mental feeling being up so high, we were even taller than the shopping centre next to us!

Once we were at the top we had to hobble to the edge of the cage.... And we were pushed off the edge!  Aahhhh it was the strangest, scariest, most adrenaline filled experience of my life.  The feeling of flying through the air was something I'd never felt before.  I am so glad that we did it together!  I wouldn't have the nerve to jump off alone.

Would I do another one?  Hmm, I haven't quite made up my mind!

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