Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sensationail Peel Off Nail Shields Review

So I took the plunge and decided to go for a natural nail!

I got rid of my extensions and for a month or so I have been trying to rock the natural nail look.  It's bloody hard!  I'm so used to having beautiful long nails that are so hard they'd survive an atom bomb.  My natural nails are very weak due to rubbish genetics, wearing gels for years and wearing latex gloves 8 hours a day.

I was asking for advice on nail care on my Twitter a few weeks ago and Sensationail tweeted me some info about their Peel Off Nail Shields.  Up until then I had never heard of nail shields but I'm so glad I know about them now! They are a great little invention and make maintaining my natural nails so much easier.  They are £8 per box, available on the Sensationail website and also in Boots stores.  Each box contains 88 nail shields, or 8 manicures.

The shields themselves are a little hard to describe. It's like nail foils, except thinner and transparent.  They look pink in the picture because it is 8 sheets piled on top of each other, the single sheets wouldnt photograph properly as they are so transparent - it looked like a picture of a sheet of plastic!  They are designed to be layered over your natural nail and act as a barrier to prevent wear and tear, give longevity to polish and make gel / polish remover easier.  I can definitely say that they do all of the above!

I have recently bought an at-home gel nail kit so I have been using these shields alongside my gel kit. The shields are fab, they literally come off in seconds with no damage to your natural nail. Gel nails can do a lot of damage to your natural nail if they aren't removed properly so now I can gel my nails guilt free.

They are easy to apply and the process takes a few minutes with very little hassle.  The shields are all made to a standard selection of sizes but can easily be cut thinner if sizes don't suit. 

I find that the shields last for around a week to 10 days without looking a grubby.  After the 10 day mark, i find that the edges of the shields begin to curl up (a bit like the way nail foils do).  I think this is a decent length of time though, it saves me reapplying polish for 10 days and stops my nails from snagging or breaking.

I absolutely love these, they make my gel manis / growing my nails a million times easier.  I keep repurchasing them and I recommend them to anyone who is trying to grow their claws or keep them in top condition.

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