Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My Birthday / Christmas Presents

Let me start off my saying this; I know that a lot of people don't like these posts but I love them!  So if you don't like them, then don't read this.  Simple as that!

Moving on... I have been absolutely spoilt rotten this year and I wanted to show you what I got.  I love seeing that other people got, its like a little insight to their personality isn't it?  Keep in mind that my birthday is 22nd of December so these are birthday and Christmas presents.  As I get older, I have less expectations of lots of presents but I keep being spoilt year after year!  Thank you to everyone who got me gorgeous gifts <3 I appreciate each and every one of them!

Clothes: hats, jumpers / pjs / boots / Star Wars dress & traccie bottoms.  I'm Santas fave blonde, are you jealous?  And I just realised that I put one of the pj pictures in twice, sorry guys!

 Colouring books, I cant wait to start these!  My dad and boyfriend know me too well <3

Cute little wooden signs :: Soap and Glory set :: mug set :: Roberto Cavalli Perfume set :: Lush set :: Tea Pot

Daisy perfume set :: Body Shop bath set :: Fraise Violette Pop Up Candle :: More pjs :: Noa, DNKY and Givenchy perfume :: FCUK bath set

Star Wars lamps :: Cacti :: Arnie book :: Smashbox palette :: YSL Perfume :: Arnie shot glasses :: Candles

A year pass to the Five Sisters Zoo :: An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger

How lucky am I?!  I definitely didn't expect so many beautiful presents!  I got a few more things than this, little bits n bobs but they aren't pictured.  I actually felt like a Queen, so many people spoiling me!

The PopUp candle has a 1 in 50 chance of having a diamond inside.  My boyfriend got me this so I think thats a bit of good luck, hopefully I might be in with a chance!  He also got me the Zoo pass.  I really wanted one of these!  He got a couples yearly-pass because I love animals, can't wait to take advantage of it!  Last time we were there we met the lemurs (one is pictured above).  They were beautiful little things!  Coincidentally, one present I got him for Christmas was a 'Sponsor the Lions' package!  We get our names on the Lion Board as well, so we'll need to go soon and see our names in writing!

The 'Evening with Arnold' was a present from my belter of a best friend.  She knows I love him so she got me two tickets to see his show in January!  Me and my boyfriend then paid extra to meet him.  Ahhhh I cannot wait!!

My dad without fail always gets me perfume and gives me money to buy myself something nice.  This year that money has went into my savings account... The joys of getting older!

My motley crue of friends got me loads of random bits n bobs that I love, like the bath sets and pjs etc.  Thanks guys, you're far too generous.

I actually feel a little guilty because I am so spoilt.  It definitely is 100% appreciated.

For my birthday I also had a few days out and I'm so glad that all my favourite people could make it.  I went for dinner and gokarting with my friends; I lost but I had fun anyway!  My boyfriend and I went ice-wall climbing.  It was exciting but I stabbed myself with a pickaxe.... So yeh, I don't think I'll be climbing any mountains soon!  Me & my dad went out for dinner too.  Treated like a Queen!

If you have a similar post then link me, I love a little peek at everyones presents!

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