Sunday, 6 December 2015

Lash Tinting - Worth the money?


Lash Tinting - it is something that has been around for years but many girls haven't tried it.  Ladies, you are missing out!

I love lash tinting.   I've tried home versions and had it done in the salon and I really like both, although the salon version wins it for me as it gives a better result.  That is my fault though, I can't apply it very well so I much prefer the salon.  Who doesn't love a wee visit to the salon anyway?!

Lash tinting is a short treatment that dyes your eyelashes darker, giving the same affect as mascara. It lasts between 4 - 6 weeks and you really can tell the difference.

It doesn't hurt, which is a common misconception!  Well.. It shouldn't hurt.  When I've tinted at home I have got the dye in my eyes which stings but that's due to my clumsiness, not the treatment itself.  When my beautician does it my eyes are fine, she's never gotten the tint in my eyes yet.  And my eyes are really sensitive, so I did expect a mild reaction but so far I've had no problems.

The treatment only takes around 10 - 15 minutes all in and it doesn't cost that much, usually £10 or under.  I usually get it done every 6 weeks or so.

The treatment consists of putting a mild black dye on your lashes.
First the skin around your eye is covered in protective pads, a petroleum jelly, or both to save the skin being dyed. 
The dye is then applied to your lashes using a small brush and the colour develops for a few minutes. The dye is then washed off with some water and boom! You have some pretty black lashes!

It helps on the days that you can't be bothered with makeup and don't use mascara.  Pretty awesome for a minimal girl like me!  And when I do wear mascara, I don't have to apply it so thick as my lashes are black already.

Naturally I have light brown hair so my lashes are really fair.  I have long thick lashes but as they are fair I need to wear mascara or dye them to really make them pop.  I find that mascara irritates my eyes if I wear it every single day so this is a nice alternative to going bare as I still have lovely black lashes :)


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