Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris Terrorist Attack : A World In Mourning

As the world wakes today, more innocent lives are lost in Paris and the rest of the world.  Syria and Baghdad had their own attacks yesterday, not to mention hundreds of other places worldwide that didn't make the news.  As a UK citizen, Paris is right on my doorstep and a city that i have visited more than once.  It is a city in my heart and a city that holds fond memories for me.

Terrorism has no religion.  People of all colours, creeds, backgrounds and religions have been affected by terrorism.  Many have lost their lives and many more are left behind to grieve.

Please don't be uneducated on this subject.  Look deeper than simply nationality and religion.  See that everyone is in this together.  We must be in this together to fight evil, there is no other way.  Seeing people spew more hatred into the world as a result of terrorist attacks do not make the world better, they simply breed racism, xenophobia and a larger divide.  We are all humans and as humans we must unite to bring peace and love into the world.

Bless all those affected at the hands of evil.

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