Sunday, 22 November 2015

My eBay makeup brushes review

Following a recommendation from a fellow blogger on twitter, I bought myself some makeup brushes from eBay.  I had asked for opinions on good-but-pretty-cheap brushes, mainly eye brushes, as my stash had slowly depleated.  Where do brushes disappear to?!  I had loads and one by one they vanished into thin air, presumably going to live with all of my Kirby grips that are MIA…

I bought a pink pack of Jessup brushes for £6.99, black blending brushes for £2.85 and a contour brush for £2.95.  

A lot of bloggers get a bit snobby when it comes to make-up brushes but I'm not bothered about the name or the price, as long as they do their job well.  My hesitation with cheaper brushes is the fall out, especially after washing but these have been washed a few times now and all the bristles are still intact.

They were delivered really quickly and I was impressed by how pretty they all were!  The contour brush and blending brushes come in a standard colour but the Jessup brushes are available in pink, blue or black.  I got myself a pink set and  I purchased a blue set for my friend, both look beautiful!  The coloured handles don’t look cheap at all and the bristles are better quality than some of the more expensive brushes I have.  I think I am going to buy myself a blue set as well, as I like having a large supply of eye-makeup brushes.

I think all of these brushes are great, especially the contour brush, all of the blending brushes and the eye brushes from the Jessup set.

The contour brush is slightly thicker than the Elf version, so for some people it might be difficult to use if they like their contours very subtle.  I am not the best at contouring and I got the hang of it easily enough so don’t let the thickness of the brush put you off.

The black set of blending brushes all do their jobs very well.  They aren't the best at packing colour onto eyelids but they're definitely good at blending shadows together.

In the Jessup pack of brushes, I think they are all really good but I tend to reach for the eye tools first and neglect the face brushes.  I'll be honest, the ‘blush brush’ doesn’t get used that often as I prefer my Real Techniques version but that is the only one out of the whole pack that I won't use. I adore the eye brushes; They make the application pf applying shadow very easy and they are great for blending.

I cannot fault these brushes at all and I am so glad I took a risk on them!  I am always wary about eBay finds but these brushes proved me wrong!  What are your favourite brushes?  If you have a link to any posts then feel free to leave it below!

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