Sunday, 29 November 2015

I miss my Blu :: How I'm coping with animal bereavement

It has been a full year since my baby Blu passed away!  I still miss my girl every single day and I cant believe it has been a year since I seen her gorgeous wee face.

Blu was a rescued greyhound and had a very rough start in life.  She was used in greyhound racing until she was 3 years old and abused on a regular basis, before she was thrown out of a van in front of a greyhound rehoming centre.  Believe it or not, she was one of the lucky ones.   Most greyhounds are hung or drowned after their career is over, and their ears are cut off to remove their identity tattoo – making it almost impossible to trace who murdered them.  It never fails to astound me how much abuse animals are put through by the hands of humans.

When I adopted Blu, she was very timid and scared of everything.  If anyone raised their voice around her or even laughed too loudly she would run to her bed and shake uncontrollably.  Bless her sweet little heart, it tore my heart to bits watching her like that.  Slowly she learned that she could trust some humans again and she became very loving.  She loved getting cuddles and neck rubs, and I was more than happy to give her them.

Blu was a total character!   She was a little thief and loved stealing things from people.  Rescue dogs often resort to stealing things because they aren’t used to having anything of their own – leading to them hoarding anything that takes their fancy.  You name it, she stole it.  Fridge magnets, glasses, scarves, pens… anything!  Id find them all in her basket, hidden below her cushion.  She loved fluffy things like soft toys, those were her favourite.   She even tried to steal my faux fur jacket a few times but she couldn’t hide that in her basket, thankfully!

She was only 5 when she was put to sleep, still a baby!   She had end stage kidney failure, an illness that only shows symptoms when it is too late to fix.  The decision to put her to sleep wasn’t easy but I couldn’t leave my baby in pain.  I hope she understands why I had to let her go, seeing her decline so rapidly in a matter of hours was devastating to watch.

I guess this post was just a little reminder, mainly to myself, about my little best friend.   I miss her terribly and I always will.   I hope shes waiting at rainbow bridge for me, along with my other fur baby Goldy.


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