Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I have a new job!

If you read this blog regularly, you guys will know that I studied biomedical science at university and that it can take me down many different career routes.  Up until recently I had only worked with immunohistochemistry and biochemistry in-depth but with this new job Ive found myself in a completely different world!  Although I have worked with blood in the past, I am now working as a serologist and learning new ways to test blood.

So far I am still in training but I am loving it.  I test samples for things such as blood type, protein content and pH levels.  I have learned so much in a short space of time and I love how hands-on my laboratory testing is. 

My contract and hours are the best I’ve ever had in any job (first 9 to 5 job in my life) and I feel like I have been given an opportunity to really improve my science skills and knowledge.  I still need to wear a dodgy lab coat and safety glasses but at least it is an excuse to be lazy with my hair and makeup! Hair must be tied back etc, but the job satisfaction far outweighs the ‘unglam’ feeling I have at work haha!  To all my followers who work in offices / make up counters etc : be thankful that you can look pretty at work!

Heres hoping Ive found my science home!


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