Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I got a hamster!

I got myself a little Syrian Hamster a few months ago and I absolutely adore her!  Her name is Napoli and she is the cutest little hammy in the world.  I called her after the place in Italy and in the bottom left photo, you can see her living up to her name and eating some spaghetti and napoli sauce.

Isn't she cute?  I had hamsters when I was younger but I decided to get another one in August because I miss having a little animal in my life.  I can't have a dog atm with the way my lifestyle is (heartbreaking) so I decided that a wee hamster was the one for me.

I got her from Pets at Home and she was the little runt of the litter!  I didn't even see her in the enclosure at first because she was sleeping under her sisters but as soon as I spotted her, I knew she was the one for me!

Shes such a sweet, mischievous little thing!  She likes being petted and getting treats (fresh veg is her fave) but she also loves trying (and succeeding) to escape from her cage.

She lives in a guinea pig cage as I think most hamster cages are too small and cruel to let syrians live in.  Syrians are a lot bigger than dwarf hamsters so they deserve to live in bigger cages.  Since her cage is 1m long, I have filled it with loads of toys and hidey holes for her!  She even has her own Barbie car in her cage and she loves it haha!  I don't know what made me buy her a car but I'm glad I did because it is her favourite thing in the world.  She sleeps under it sometimes, plays in the seats, hides food where the engine would be in a real car and likes standing on top of the bonnet to have a look around.  It is the cutest thing ever!  She is one spoilt little hammy.

Hamsters make lovely little pets and Napoli is the most gorgeous one of them all!  She has all of my misplaced maternal love and she is the best little friend I could have asked for.

Look how cute my fur baby is!


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