Thursday, 13 August 2015

My Film Picks For A Funny Movie Night

Sometimes we all need a little bit of laughter and silliness in our lives!  Especially after a long stressful week studying or working.  I am not a massive comedy lover (Action and Horror are my thing) but there are some films out there that make me laugh again and again.

Here are my top 5!

Very girlie, very silly and very hilarious.  The film is exactly what the title suggests... A woman and her Bridesmaids trying to make it to the wedding while still remaining friends.  Cue fights over dresses, shitting in the street and guy-drama.  I like this because it is the perfect blend of OTT slapstick and witty jokes.  Some of the jokes in Bridesmaids are very sassy and I am forever hoping that they make an even-edgier sequel.

21 Jump Street
Channing Tatum in a police uniform anyone?  Is that enough of an explanation?  What do you mean it isn't?  The outstanding Mr Tatum and his partner go undercover in a high school to bring down a drug dealer while dealing with the pressures of being back at high school.  Note: one of the teachers is a bit in love with Tatum and who can really blame her?

Ever thought of backpacking across a country of 5?  Me too.  If I ever get round to it I'd probably fuck it up as badly as this group of friends.

The Hangover
Have you ever woken up and wondered what the fuck happened last night?  A group of guys on a stag party wake up in the same position and have to trace back their steps to find one of the group who is MIA.

This is my favourite hung-over film.  Basically, Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant.  Yes you read that right.  Its outrageously stupid but I still laugh and it still helps with forgetting hangover pains.

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