Monday, 10 August 2015

How to clear the clutter! :: Capsule Wardrobe

I recently gave my wardrobes a clear out! I am a ridiculous hoarder when it comes to clothes. I have no idea why I keep them all when I only wear about 10% of what I have.

My wardrobes were jam packed and I literally couldn't fit another thing in them. I have a wardrobe for tops, one for shoes and one for bottoms. I gave all 3 a clear and got rid of about 5 or 6 bin bags worth. For me that's pretty ruthless! I'm hoping to go over it again within the next month and get rid of even more stuff.

How did I do it?  Simple! Well, simple-ish!

I think the easiest way to do it is take everything out of your wardrobe and go through it piece by piece.  This method is for brave souls only!  It might take you an afternoon to go through it all or it might take you a whole weekend.  I was at it for a weekend and at times I didn't think I'd make it out of the piles of leggings alive but it was so worth it in the end!

When your wardrobe is empty, go through each item and decide if its 'Keep', 'Get Rid' or 'Undecided'.

All the items from the Keep pile go straight back into your wardrobe.  And you're not allowed to put everything in the Keep pile!  I was the worlds worst for this but I've gotten so much better.  If you haven't worn it for months then it probably shouldn't be in the Keep pile!

The Get Rid Of pile should include everything thats a bit worn out, things that don't fit or things you just aren't keen on any more.  Ever look at a jumper and wonder why the hell you liked it?  Yeh me too.  Its gotta go!  Don't keep anything because 'you might need it eventually'.  You won't.  Its clutter.  Get rid!

The Undecided pile is where it gets tricky.  I tend to talk myself into why I need to keep it but this time I was ruthless and got rid of most of it.  If it wasn't automatically in the Keep pile then it obviously isn't that amazing.  I did keep a few items in the Undecided pile but only things I genuinely thought I would wear.

I gave everything in my Get Rid pile to charity.   I don't wear it but someone else might!  In the past year I've stopped buying as much clothes so hopefully my wardrobe won't end up as full.  I was terrible for buying things, especially sale items, then not wearing them.  I think I seen 'sale' and just went mental!   I've saved myself a lot of money recently and now I've saved myself some space!  It sounds a bit mental but I actually feel a bit less stressed out too!  Going into my wardrobe every day and not having a meltdown feels fab!

Are you as bad as me for this?  Please tell me I'm not alone!

I've been reading up on 'capsule wardrobes' and although I don't think it would work for me, I do like the idea of them. A capsule wardrobe is having a set number of items in your wardrobe and sticking to it. For some reason the magic number seems to be 37.... I have more than 37 tops.... Never mind 37 tops, jackets, bottoms etc combined... How do these people do it? I wish I was one of them.

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