Friday, 10 July 2015

My Brazillian Blow Dry at Style Ikon Glasgow


Do any of my readers feel like they have an ongoing battle with their hair? I do. I'd like to say I win the fight most of the time but I'd be lying...

My hair is naturally curly and it takes quite a lot of product, heat and effort to tame it. It frizzes up really easy and I'm forever trying to keep it moisturised. Anyone out there who colours their hair and uses heat will know the struggle! I wear my hair curly when it's down but I like having it straight for putting it up in a bun at work (I'm not allowed to wear it down for health and safety reasons). Straight hair to me means blow dries, GHDs and split ends. I've been looking for a miracle product for years and I think I might have found it!

A Brazillian Blow Dry is a procedure using Keratin to help repair damaged hair and protects it from further damage, which is why it is also known as a Keratin Blowdry. Keratin is a protein that the body produces naturally and you can find it in your hair and nails. The keratin infusion leaves hair shiney, healthy, sleek and easy to manage. I had my blowdry a couple of weeks ago and I am loving it so far! It lasts for between 4 and 6 months and wears off over time. I hope the results last in my hair because its made my hair routine so much easier! My hair is straight after blowdrying at a low heat and the frizz is gone! Its also cut the drying time down from over 20 minutes to under 10! I haven't straightened my hair since I got my blow dry done and it really makes life easier. Who doesn't want pretty, low maintenance hair?

You can see from the photo how it looks before and after the treatment. You can also see that I sorta need a trim but lets look past that for now! Basically, the hairdresser washes your hair (no conditioner) and spreads the keratin product (which looks like conditioner) through your hair from root to tip. Your hair is then roughly blow dried and straightened.... and it's done! It's such a simple procedure. You leave your hair for an hour for the blow dry to 'set' and then you can wash / dry / pin your hair back as normal. Some salons use weaker formulas that need to be left for 3 days but Style Ikon use a formula that works faster.

I'll give you all updates as the weeks pass but so far I can't recommend this enough! I'm trying to stay away from hair extensions so I'm hoping this procedure will help my hair grow faster and healthier.

What I would say though... If you get this procedure done be careful about which salon you visit. I've had this done at another salon in Glasgow and it didn't do one bit of difference to my hair. It did affect my bank account but sadly not my hair. I've also read horror stories about hair being even more damaged after a Brazillian Blow Dry. Who knows what these salons are using! Anyway, if you do your research and pick a good salon you'll thank me for it!

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