Friday, 19 June 2015

Sensitive teeth: the bane of my life.

Anyone else suffer from this?  It's not fun! I get it sporadically and I hate it.  Eating anything really hot or cold is like playing Russian roulette with tooth pain instead of bullets.

My teeth are sensitive at the front because I grind my teeth at night (so my dentist & boyfriend tells me) and I used to drink a lot of fizzy juice and fruit juice.  2 front teeth especially can be sensitive.

I've tired the toothpaste targeted at sensitive teeth but I never feel that it leaves my mouth feeling "fresh". I like having a minty taste after brushing!  Plus, I think sensitive toothpaste can be too 'pasty' sometimes, does that make sense?  I always prefer gel toothpaste.  So... I came up with a way that I can still get the best out of sensitive toothpaste :)

I know it sounds strange.... But it works! I bought a cheap gum shield from EBay and set it to my teeth (so easy, just place it in hot water and bite into it).  Then, I fill the gum shield with sensitive toothpaste and bite!  Simple :)  I wait 5 minutes and wash my mouth out. I look ridiculous but it really does work.  I do this a few times a week if my teeth are feeling extra sensitive.

Do you have any tips for combating sensitive teeth?

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