Wednesday, 10 June 2015

June Shopping Haul

Decided that I needed to treat myself to a few wee items since I've been pretty good lately!  I've cut down with my buying recently, especially clothes.  I was getting to a point that I was buying clothes and they were lying unused and unloved in my wardrobe for months on end.  I'm now trying to only buy pretty, versatile clothes that I will actually wear...

This top is from Primark (£9) and is really light and floaty, perfect for summer!  I have the same top in orange and wanted one in another colour because I think they're so pretty and can be dressed up or dressed down.  The bag (£22.99) and trainers (£15) are from New Look.  I needed a new every-day sort of bag and this was perfect.  Just the right size and the colours can be teamed with most outfits.  The trainers were a total bargain and they are so comfy!  I like wearing trainers at work since I'm on my feet all day but I hate wearing any of my good trainers because I put them through hell.  Do you think they're bright enough?  The watch (£12.99) is also from New Look.  I liked the floral face and white strap, very dainty!  I bought it to wear to work as I hate wearing my good watches there.  I think I'll end up wearing it out and about though, its too pretty not to!

Next up I had to get some beauty products in.  The primer is from Smashbox (£28).  I have tried a variety of Smashbox primers but this is my first time buying Photo Finish.  I'm excited to try it long term!  I've tried a little tester pot and I liked the finish it gave me so now I'm hoping I like it for every day use.  It can be hard to decide if you like a primer after only using it two or three times; the jury is out!  I also needed some new face cream and I really love Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser (£23).  I cant get enough of how fresh this product smells!  Its such a nice treat for my skin, I think its definitely worth the money.

I am decorating my bedroom in a few weeks and I wanted some new cute bits n bobs for my room.  These items came from Primark, Home Bargains and a little independant shop near me.  They were all under £10.  Aren't they beautiful?  I can't wait to get my room done!  I want a pretty, feminine bedroom and I think these little items will help me achieve that.  I got a few wall decorations, some love heart tie backs for curtains, a pin board and a cute jar.  I think I'll put some fake flowers in the jar and sit it by my window or on my night stand. 

I'm really happy with my buys, I'm glad that I've begun spending my money on items that I'll both use and love!


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