Friday, 29 May 2015

My Supercar Experience

So at the start of this month I fulfilled one of the wishes on my bucketlist and it was amazing!  Genuinely one of the best days of my life.  I really want to do it again!

I was treated to a day at Ingliston and my voucher untitled me to drive 2 of the supercars.  I had my hopes pinned on driving a Lamborghini Gallardo and either a BMW i8 or an Aston Martin.  I really couldn't decide which to go for.... I adore BMWs but I always wanted to drive an Aston Martin to feel like James Bond!  The bf flipped a coin because I couldn't decide and the BMW won.  I am so glad it did.

Both cars were outstanding to drive.  A far cry from Bruce the Astra!  Don't get me wrong, I love my Bruce boy but the supercars were something else entirely.

I drove the BMW i8 first and I could have driven it all day.  I did 3 laps around the track and it felt like I was driving on clouds.  It is a hybrid car and can run purely on electricity or petrol but I hardly felt a difference between the two.  I did 2 laps running on electricity and 1 lap using the engine.  I wish I could have taken it home.  It was so quiet and smooth to drive.  It was so fast!!  I'd be on the road non stop if I had a car like that.  It was easily my favourite of the two cars.

After the BMW I moved onto the Lambo.  I loved that too!  I thought it was a little heavier to drive than the BMW but it was still amazing.  I would have gladly taken it off their hands!  In a little coincidence, its orange colour matched my nails.  Was it a sign from above that it was made for me?  I think it was.  I loved the yellow colour more (yellow is my favourite colour) but it was taken off the track before I got a chance to drive it.  You should have heard the noise it made when I put my foot down!  It was magical.

After driving my two amazing cars I got a passenger ride in an Ariel Atom.  Those are wee rockets!  Its great zooming about in them, I'd love to have driven one but I wouldn't have done it justice.

After my amazing day we went for dinner and I was floating on air.  I am so glad I got the chance to cross this off my bucketlist.  Definitely a day to remember!


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