Tuesday, 5 May 2015

M.I.A Part 1

So what have I been doing with myself during the months of radio silence?  Well, a lot actually!  My life has been getting better and better as the months go on.

As many of my followers know, I was at a crossroads in my life last year.  I wasn’t sure which career path to head down, or if I should change from science completely.  It might seem like no big deal but it really threw me.  I was worrying about it so much that I seemed a bit lost in life.  Happy but lost.  

Since then I have started working in a laboratory and I love it.  I hated labs at university but the working environment is completely different.  I love my work, I love the company and (for the most part) I love the people.  Everyone I work with is lovely, its a very happy lab!  But I have made some true friends there as well.  You know, there is always a difference between work friends and actual friends!  Like, you’re happy to work with people but not necessarily see them outside of your shift... Well, I’m glad to say that I enjoy working with everyone and spending my spare time with a few of them.  I am also working alongside one of my best friends from my uni days.  Its great seeing him every day!  And he copes so well in a big female section; he even copes with period chats! 

As for my personal life, well, things have been a bit all over the place with that.

My beloved Blu dog had to get put to sleep and I am devastated.  She was only 5 and had kidney failure.  I wish she had been here longer but it wasn't to be.  I know my girl will be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. 🌈

On a lighter note, I have done a lot of traveling this past year.  Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Manchester and Paris are the main places I have been and I loved them all for different reasons.  I'll put some pictures up in the next few posts!  Traveling is one of my favorite things to do in life.  Seeing new places and doing new things is amazing 💜

I've made a tonne of new friends too!  And who doesn't love making new friends?  And I've kept most of my old friends,  because old friends are pretty cool eh?  I feel like the past year has been a whirlwind of parties and dinners and laughs.  Loved every minute of it!  I've started seeing someone too  💙

Life is so exciting right now!  I can honestly say that I love life and I can't wait for more of the same.


  1. Glad to see you back blogging lovely! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts!

    Carrie x


    1. Thanks doll! Cant wait to get back to it <3 xx


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