Friday, 6 June 2014

My Download Festival Suitcase

So girls, festival season is almost upon us!  I am booked up for Download 2014 and I am so excited!

If you haven't been to a festival before then you might not know what to expect or what to take along, so here is my packing list as well as one or two pearls of wisdom.  This year I'll be in a hotel all weekend because I've done the whole camping thing and its absolute hell on earth.  Hell on a disgusting, bug-infested, smelly, germ-ridden Earth.

Packing list:
Toothbrush :: Toothpaste :: Body Spray :: Perfume ::
Cleanser :: Cotton Pads :: Face Cream :: Shampoo & Conditioner :: Body Wash
Primer :: Foundation :: Concealer :: Mascara :: Blusher :: Brow Pencil :: Eyeliner :: Makeup Brushes
Brush :: Bobbles :: Kirbies :: Moroccan Oil
Underwear ::  PJs x3 :: Earplugs ::
Leather jacket :: Hoodie x3 :: Rain Jacket :: Leggings x3 :: Tshirt x3 :: Vest x3 :: Light Jumper :: Cardigan
Hat :: Scarf :: Gloves :: Sunglasses ::
Wellies :: Biker Boots :: Converse
Pain killers :: Phone Charger :: Sun Cream :: Hand Sanitiser :: Plastic Rain Ponchos :: Baby Wipes :: Torch ::

Pretty basic, right?  I'm keeping it light.  I don't see the point in taking loads of makeup or a million different outfits because I won't wear everything.  Its just heavy to carry and a waste of energy!  I know a lot of people (guys mainly) who won't take a new outfit for each day.  Even some who wear the same pair of jeans all weekend (eek) but festivals are truly disgusting and I need a fresh outfit each day.

You might be wondering why I have gloves and a scarf along with sunglasses?  No matter how hot it is during the day, it'll get cold at night.  And I mean cold.  Freezing.  And if you're standing shivering you won't enjoy the bands you've been waiting all day to see.  I speak from experience.

Painkillers I hear you ask?  Trust me, you'll need them.

Hand Sanitiser.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE TAKE THIS.  Nothing is safe to touch at a festival.  The toilets are minging, the people are minging and the food is minging.  I was surprised at the amount of people who went without any and risked near-death.  Even worse, I was surprised at the amount of strangers who asked if they could use some of mines.  Err, no... fuck off and buy your own.  They cost £1. 

If you're camping, take toilet roll.  I'd rather do an 'I'm A Celeb' trial that go near festival toilets.  They stink and should have massive red crosses painted on the front.  And by the afternoon, they wont have any loo roll.

And to all the fashionistas out there, don't take anything that you're attached to.  That pretty dress you love?  It'll end up covered in grass stains.  Your new boots?  They'll get covered in mud.  That necklace you adore?  It might end up lost.

Most importantly, I hope any festival goers stay safe & have fun!

Have I missed anything?  I probably have, so tell me in the comments below :)



  1. Hahahah, that hand sanitiser comment! You looked really nice in your Snapchat stories at Download!

    Danniella x

  2. Looks like you're set to goooo! Download sounded awesome, I've always wanted to go! Hope you've had a great time.

    You have a great blog and a new follower! :)


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