Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Furry Friend Tag

I pinched this tag from my gorgeous friend Nuala :)

What is your pets name?
I have a greyhound called Blu.

When did you get Blu?
I got Blu almost two years ago, in June when she was 4 years old. 

What is something that Blu does that annoys you?
Nothing really, she is a great dog.  It upsets me a little when she gets scared at silly things like loud bangs, and in turn that makes me annoyed because I think about how badly she was treated before I got her.  Annoyed at her previous owners, not her.

What type of breed is Blu?
Blu is a greyhound and was used in racing before I adopted her.

Has Blu ever had a near death experience?
Most greyhounds are drowned, hung or put to sleep after their racing career is over (usually at 3 or 4 years of age) so I suppose she was very lucky to have been thrown out of a van and dumped at the trust.  I'd say that was probably her closest brush with death.

Does Blu know any tricks?
No, when I got her she wasn't even sure what a ball was for.  As she was used to race and that was it, nobody would have spent the time with her to teach her tricks.  

Does Blu like to snuggle?
Not at first but now and then she does.  It makes me so happy when she wants to snuggle!

Where did you get Blu?
I adopted her from The Edinurgh Greyhound Trust which is a charity that looks after retired and abandoned greyhounds.

Does Blu get along with other dogs?
Yes for the most part she does but she gets nervous if she doesn't know them, bless her!

Does Blu get along with strangers?
No she gets so scared that she starts shaking if anyone she doesn't know goes near her.  She is wary of humans so I try not to let people pet her etc.  She's never aggressive with people but I hate seeing her scared so I tend to introduce her to humans slowly.

How much does Blu weigh?
No idea!

Do you ever dress Blu up?
No, I'm not a daft celebrity.  Although...  I have put a santa hat on her and she hated it.  I could tell by the look on her face haha!

Has Blu ever tried to run away?
No she doesn't like being on her own, she sticks close to us at all times.

How did you come up with Blu name?
Her racing name was Bonnie but as nobody ever spoke to her she didn't respond to it.  I didn't like the name Bonnie so me and my mum decided to call her Blu after her blue-coloured coat.  It suits her so much more than Bonnie!

How much does Blu mean to you on a scale of 1-10?
10/10.  I love her to bits :) she's my wee best pal!  Shes so sweet, gentle and loving.  She means the world to me.


  1. Aww Blu is adorable and I love her name! Love your answer to "do you dress her up"....check out my tag for this ahahaha I'm so mean! x

  2. I love seeing pictures of Blu! Much prefer the name to Bonnie too! xx


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