Friday, 14 March 2014

Style Crush: Kat Von D edition


I'd say that Kat is definitely one of my main style crushes.  I think shes gorgeous!

I know she isn't everyones cup of tea, but who is?  She is a tattoo artist with her own line of clothing and cosmetics.  The most striking thing about her is obviously her tattoos, covering most of her body. I love them, they make her 'her'.  Above that, she has fucking great style.  Kat always has awesome hair, I get serious hair envy looking at her.  Always.  I wasn't sure about the blonde at first but she pulled it off.  Her red hair was sexy as hell but of course black is her best colour as she always falls back to it.

Her makeup is always flawless, but then it should be considering she has her own line with Sephora.  Her fall-back look is red lippy and blackened eyes but she rocks colours now and then too.  And suits both might I add.  The KVD makeup is superb and I'd encourage you all to at least try the eyeshadows!

Clothes-wise I love love love her. As a heavily tattooed lady she knows she needs to wear feminine pieces to avoid looking butch and she always nails it.  Even better though, she nails the feminine look while still sticking to her 'rock star' style staple.  The woman is a genius. I'm taking notes!



  1. I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of her style but I love her makeup, it is always flawless!! And the things I've tried from her makeup line have not disappointed me!
    The Beauty Break

    1. Not everyone is :) yeh it is, I wish I could look as flawless as her. Me neither, I want it all! xox

  2. She's such an utter babe... Definitely one of my girl crushes. I love how she's made her name thanks to her amazing tattoos & business. I so want to try her makeup line, everyone seems to rave about it xxx

    1. She is <3 love her! Awww you HAVE to get some lady! You'll love it xox


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