Friday, 28 March 2014

Kat Von D by Sephora, True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Poetica Review



The True Romance Poetica is my latest addition to my Kat Von D makeup collection and it does not disappoint! 

It is produced by Sephora for Kat Von D so it isn't available in UK shops but Sephora now ship to the UK so at least it'll be a little easier to get a hold of!  My friend Jess at SimplyJess4U sent me this palette over as I was dying to try some of Kat's makeup.   I adore Kat, she is gorgeous and her makeup range is amazing!

This palette cost $36 which works out as £22.  It is definitely worth the money, I'd pay more for it if I had to.  The pigments are all beautiful and I love the mix of neutrals and colours.  I wasn't sure how I would mix the shades at first but this palette gives loads of different pretty combinations.

The pallet comes with 8 different 1.4g shadows, which comes to under £3 per shadow, how great is that?  It also comes with a small version of the Puro Amor Black Autograph pencil eye liner with it.  The eyeliner is fantastic, I always use it.  I just wish it wasn't in pencil form because I hate sharpening it!  The colours all come with different names and I always love seeing what titles Kat has picked for each colour; they are always named after people/places/things she loves.  Her colours (from left to right) are called:  Forgiveness :: Sand Timer :: Chandler :: Tijuana :: Wonderland :: Skiba :: Babe :: You Alone.
I love that she named one Skiba, after Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio.  Alkaline Trio are one of my most favourite bands and happen to be one of Kat's favourites too!

I have heard a few people complaining that these shadows kick up a lot of dust but I honestly haven't had that problem.  I think the shadows are easy to apply and quick to blend.  The single shadows contain a lot of product so they will last ages!  I have another 2 of Kat's palettes and they have lasted me a year already and I have hardly dented the colours. 

All in all, I'd say this was a fantastic palette and I'd recommend you try some items from Kat's Sephora range if you haven't tried any yet.


  1. Such a cute the glad you like it babe xo

  2. the Kat Von D palettes all are so beautiful! I just don't need another palette or I would pick one up!


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