Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Name Change!

So my wee webpage has had a bit of a revamp!

I'd been thinking about a name change for ages but didn't quite know what to switch it too.  Loads of my followers loved 'The Style Khaleesi' and so did I but it didnt describe my blog very well.  It sounded vaguely like a fashion blog and I rarely post about fashion... And I only picked that name because my friends laughed about my 'Khaleesi hair' when Game of Thrones first came to our screens....  So, a name change was in order.  That didn't help me come to a decision on what I should change it to though; I was thinking of names for months on end.

I decided I'd quite like to make my name a bit more personal, something that has my stamp on it.  After loads of deliberation I decided I definitely wanted something Scottish sounding, as I love my homeland (cheese alert).  So I thought 'tartan' was a good place to start.  I decided on 'Tartan Bones' because I thought it described me perfectly, I wouldn't be surprised if my bones were tartan coloured.  Did you know my surname has its own tartan?  Its a mix of greens, reds and blues.  There are some variations on the exact design but here is one of them:

I think its quite pretty!  I am biased though.

My friend Hayley said that name "makes me sound like a bad ass bithc, which is pretty accurate, so yeh I like it".  I was sold!  Thank you to my other blogger friends who helped me decide / chatted about what names would suit, you guys were a great help!

While I was at it, I decided my design needed a revamp.  I contacted the beautiful Ella and got that on track too!

I hope you all love the revamp, I do!  Hopefully it'll inspire me to write more!  Feel like I lost interest in  my writing but I want to get back into it.  Really want to write more lifestyle posts, watch this space!


  1. Love the new name! Can't wait to see what's to come on here. Tally Ho xxxxxxxx

  2. Wow Kirsty, loving the new name [it's definitely bad ass like yourself!] and the new design is gorgeous. Can't wait to see more! Tally ho lassie :) xx

  3. I think this name suits you perfectly! xx

  4. Love the redesign and think the name is perfect, may not know you all that well but I certainly think it suits you :) bad ass Scottish chick come to mind!! I'm in the process of wanting to change the name and design of my blog, absolutely hate the name of mine now but its soooo hard to decide on something else. Don't want to pick something and then hate it again in a year. Blogger problems ha!! xx

  5. love the new name chick!!your old one was great too but tartan bones is so good!:)xx


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